10 Facts about Colonial America

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Facts about Colonial America present the 13 British colonies in 1776. Those colonies were used to establish United States. In 1607, the first colony of Virginia was established. John Smith and London Company established the Virginia. The Dutch established New York in 1626. In 1664, it was included in British colony. Check other interesting facts about colonial America:

Facts about Colonial America 1: the other 13 colonies

Besides New York and Virginia, the other colonies were Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Delaware, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Facts about Colonial America 2: Queen Elizabeth

The colonies in America were established by Queen Elizabeth because she wanted to enlarge the British Empire. Thus, British could counteract the Spanish.

Colonial America Pic

Colonial America Pic

Facts about Colonial America 3: the purposes of establishment of Colonial America

The English wanted to build the trade ports, create new jobs and find wealth by establishing colonies in America.

Facts about Colonial America 4: the religious leaders or groups

The religious leaders or groups founded some colonies in America for they wanted to get religious freedom. Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut were the colonies founded by the religious leaders.

Colonial America Image

Colonial America Image

Facts about Colonial America 5: three regions

There were three regions which divided the colonies. Those regions were Middle Colonies, New England Colonies and Southern Colonies.

Facts about Colonial America 6: the middle colonies

The middle colonies included New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bay were included in New England Colonies. Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia were included in Southern Colonies. Check facts about American history here.

Colonial America facts

Colonial America facts

Facts about Colonial America 7: the American British colonies

Plymouth Colony and Roanoke were the American British colonies which did not become independent states because both were included in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Facts about Colonial America 8: the life in American colonies

If you think that the life of the people in the American colonies was easy, you are wrong. They had to struggle hard.   In the first winter, there were less than 50 percent of people surviving.

Facts about Colonial America

Facts about Colonial America

Facts about Colonial America 9: the name of colonies

The name of most American colonies was taken from the English Rulers. Georgia was taken from the name of King George II. The Virgin Queen Elizabeth was used to name Virginia.

Facts about Colonial America 10: Massachusetts

The local tribe of Native Americans was used to name Massachusetts. Get facts about being an American here.

Colonial America Picture

Colonial America Picture

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