10 Facts about Colonial Houses

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Facts about Colonial Houses talk about the types of houses built during the colonial era. The type of homes was based on the wealth, region as well as the local resources at that time. The small single room homes were the first houses that the English settlers built in America. Check other interesting facts about colonial houses:

Facts about Colonial Houses 1: the wooden frames

The first colonial houses built in America were made of wooden frame.  The sticks were used to fill the wooden frames. The grass, mud and clay were used to create the sticky daub.

Facts about Colonial Houses 2: the roof

What about the roof of the colonial houses? They were made dried local grasses. The paper was used to cover the windows, while the flood was made of dirt.

Colonial House Picture

Colonial House Picture

Facts about Colonial Houses 3: fireplace

The fireplace usually was found inside the house. The main function of the fireplace was used not only warming the house during the winter season. The people also used it for cooking.

Facts about Colonial Houses 4: the furniture

The single room house was not filled with a lot of furniture pieces. The clothes were stored in the chests. It also had a small table and a bench to sit.  The straw mattress was used as bed. It was laid on the floor.

Colonial House Style

Colonial House Style

Facts about Colonial Houses 5: the plantation

The plantation was made by the rich landowners. The size of the homes in the plantation was larger. It had a dining room and living room located in a separate area. It also features a lot of furniture pieces, multiple fireplace and glass windows.

Facts about Colonial Houses 6: the owner’s homeland

The architecture of the houses in the plantations was made based on the homeland’s architecture of the owners.  The architecture reflected the Spanish, Dutch, German, or even English colonial design.

Colonial Houses

Colonial Houses

Facts about Colonial Houses 7: the colonial houses in the city

The houses in the plantations were bigger than the houses in the city. There was no space for the homeowners to have a large garden.

Facts about Colonial Houses 8: the style of city houses

The city houses featured the paneled walls and wooden floors. The rug was used to cover the floor. Find facts about American literature here.

Facts about Colonial Houses

Facts about Colonial Houses

Facts about Colonial Houses 9: the well built furniture

The large beds, couches, and chairs were the well built furniture inside the city houses. Get facts about American culture here.

Facts about Colonial Houses 10: the popular style

The Georgian Colonial home was one of the most popular styles in 1700s.

Colonial House

Colonial House

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