10 Facts about Colonial Life

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Facts about Colonial Life tell you about the life of the people during the colonial period in America. You will know the cooking food, farming, hunting, house type, and fishing activity that these colonial people did. There was a wide array of food eaten by the colonial people in America. The type of food depended on the regions.  If they had garden in the house, they used the space to grow herbs and vegetables. Get other facts about colonial life:

Facts about Colonial Life 1: corn

Corn was considered as one of the primary crops when the colonists arrived in America. The colonists were taught by the Native American people to grow corn. The other plants grown by the colonists included pumpkins, oats, barley, rice, squash, beans, and wheat.

Facts about Colonial Life 2: hunting

The colonists also hunted to get food. There were various animals that they hunted such as rabbits, geese, ducks, turkey and deer.

Colonial Life

Colonial Life

Facts about Colonial Life 3: the fish

Fish was included as a part of the colonists’ diet. They ate a wide variety of fish like halibut, clams, salmon, trout, cod and flounder.

Facts about Colonial Life 4: the meat

They also ate meat from the domesticated animals that they carried from Europe.  They got meat from pigs, chicken, cattle and sheep.

Colonial Life Image

Colonial Life Image

Facts about Colonial Life 5: the winter season

The winter was very harsh during the early settlement. The people had to save their food for winter. The meat could be used during the winter season if they preserved it by salting and smoking. The pickle vegetables, dry fruit and grain would be saved for that season too.

Facts about Colonial Life 6: the favorite drinks in colonial life

During the colonial life, the people drank beer, tea and cider. The latter one was made of peaches or apples. They did not drink much water and milk. The water could make them sink, while milk was very rare due to the small number of cows.

Colonial Life Pic

Colonial Life Pic

Facts about Colonial Life 7: dinner time

During the dinner time, not all people in the family sat because the number of chairs was very limited. They used hands to eat the food. Knife was considered as the primary utensil.

Facts about Colonial Life 8: education

In the colonial city, the children got more access to schools. The boys learned to read when they were enrolled to Dame school. Check facts about Colonial America here.

Colonial Life Pictures

Colonial Life Pictures

Facts about Colonial Life 9: church

Church was the important place in colonial life. It also served as the primary meeting place. Get facts about colonial Delaware here.

Facts about Colonial Life 10: fashion

The fashion style of the men and women who lived in the cities was inspired from the newest English fashion.

Facts about Colonial Life

Facts about Colonial Life

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