10 Facts about Colonial Maryland

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Facts about Colonial Maryland tell you about the colony founded by Lord Baltimore in 1633. The main purpose for establishing this colony was for a safe haven for the English Catholics. The major city in Colonial Maryland was Baltimore. Check other interesting facts about colonial Maryland below:

Facts about Colonial Maryland 1: the geography of Colonial Maryland

The piedmont plateau, coastal plains and Blue Ridge were some of the primary features in the geography of Maryland.

Facts about Colonial Maryland 2: the primary industries

There were two main fields of industries in Colonial Maryland. Both were agriculture and manufacturing. Indigo, rice, wheat and corn were the main agricultural products. The iron works and shipbuilding were the main manufacturing products.  In 1719, there was an act which promoted and encouraged iron manufacture in the colony.

Colonial Maryland Pictures

Colonial Maryland Pictures

Facts about Colonial Maryland 3: climate

The climate in Colonial Maryland was warm. Therefore, the location of this colony was suitable for plantation. It was possible for the colonists to grow crops all year around.

Facts about Colonial Maryland 4: the spread of disease

The spread of disease in Colonial Maryland was very easy due to the humid and hot summer seasons. The winter was difficult to survive in the climate of Maryland.

Colonial Maryland Life

Colonial Maryland Life

Facts about Colonial Maryland 5: the religion

There was a freedom of religion in Colonial Maryland. Therefore, you can find the Catholics, Baptists, Anglicans and other religious people.

Facts about Colonial Maryland 6: the economy of the colonists

Agriculture was considered as the main source of economy for the colonists in Maryland. The livestock, fruit, grain, vegetables, corn, tobacco and cotton were the exported products from Maryland.

Colonial Maryland facts

Colonial Maryland facts

Facts about Colonial Maryland 7: the natural resources in Colonial Maryland

There were various natural resources that you can find in Colonial Maryland. You can find the good agricultural land, forests producing timber and fish. Find facts about Colonial New York here.

Facts about Colonial Maryland 8: the government

It was a Proprietary Colony by 1775. The original name of the colony was Province of Maryland. Then it was revised as Maryland.

Facts about Colonial Georgia

Facts about Colonial Georgia

Facts about Colonial Maryland 9: the total land area

Colonial Maryland had the total land area at 9,837 square miles. It had the width at 90 miles and length at 250 miles. Check facts about Colonial America here.

Facts about Colonial Maryland 10: the plantation

Plantation was very important in Maryland. You can find laundry, slave quarters, main houses, barns, smokehouse, blacksmith’s shop and a dairy in the plantation. Most plantations were massive.

Facts about Colonial Maryland

Facts about Colonial Maryland

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