10 Facts about Colonial Slavery

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Facts about Colonial Slavery inform you with the common activity conducted in 1700s in 13 colonies. Most slaves who did the labor in North America had the African descent. Slavery was forbidden in Northern States after the American Revolution. However, the people who lived in Southern States still had slavery. It ended after the American Civil War. Here are other interesting facts about Colonial Slavery:

Facts about Colonial Slavery 1: the indentured servants

The indentured servant was considered as the root of slavery in America. The servants from Britain became the laborers in America.

Facts about Colonial Slavery 2: the criminals and people in debt

The indentured servants were the people in debts and criminals in Britain who had to work in Americas for 7 years.  It was considered as a way to pay crimes and debts.

Facts about Colonial Slavery

Facts about Colonial Slavery

Facts about Colonial Slavery 3: the African people

In 1619, the first African people came to Virginia. At first, these people worked here as the indentured servants. After they served here for 7 years, they would be free.

Facts about Colonial Slavery 4: the first slaves

The first slaves in America actually were the indentured servants who were forced to work for the rest of their life in America as servants. The need of indentured servants was very high due to the increased manual labor.

Colonial Slavery

Colonial Slavery

Facts about Colonial Slavery 5: the African slavery in the colonies

Slavery in America was very common by the end of 1600s. In the beginning of 1700s, slave codes were made as the new laws in the colony. The codes formalized the status of slaves and legal rights for the slave owners.

Facts about Colonial Slavery 6: the jobs of slaves

There were various jobs that the slaves had to do.  In the southern colonies, most of them worked in the tobacco fields.

Colonial Slavery Pic

Colonial Slavery Pic

Facts about Colonial Slavery 7: the life of slaves

The life of slaves in America was very poor. They had to work hard in the field without any wages. Besides working in the field, they had to do the household duties. Get facts about Colonial Maryland here.

Facts about Colonial Slavery 8: the houses for slaves

The houses of slaves were very small. They were located near the fields for those who worked on the plantations and farms.  Some slaves lived within the house of their masters. They had lack of privacy. They usually occupied the stables or loft above the kitchen.

Colonial Slavery Image

Colonial Slavery Image

Facts about Colonial Slavery 9: the clothes

Pants and loose shirts were the common clothes for male slaves. The female slaves wore long dresses. Find facts about Colonial America here.

Facts about Colonial Slavery 10: the treatment

The treatment for slaves depended on the master. If they had great master, they could live well. But if they had cruel master, they had to work nonstop.

Colonial Slavery Facts

Colonial Slavery Facts

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