10 Facts about Colonial Virginia

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Facts about Colonial Virginia talk about the colony established by John Smith in 1607. The Starving Time in the colony occurred in 1609/1610. Sir Thomas Dale and Good Order in Virginia ruled the colony in 1611.  There were several major cities or towns in Colonial Virginia. Those were Richmond, Williamsburg and Jamestown. Get other interesting facts about colonial Virginia by reading the below post:

Facts about Colonial Virginia 1: the major industries

There were two types of industries. Both were the iron industry and plantation agriculture industry. Corn, wheat and tobacco were the products in agriculture.

Facts about Colonial Virginia 2: geography

The coastal plains, valleys and mountains were some features in the geography of Colonial Virginia.

Colonial Virginia Facts

Colonial Virginia Facts

Facts about Colonial Virginia 3: the climate

Colonial Virginia was included in the Southern Colonies. It had warm climate which increased the spread of disease. But the typical climate enabled the people to grow the plantation.

Facts about Colonial Virginia 4: the religious tolerance

The religious tolerance was spotted in Colonial Virginia.  The colony was a home to Anglicans or even Baptists.

Facts about Colonial Virginia

Facts about Colonial Virginia

Facts about Colonial Virginia 5: the natural resources

There were various types of natural resources that you can find in Colonial Virginia. It had the good agriculture, forest and fish.  The agricultural products were exported to other colonies in America. The two most important products were from plantation and farming.

Facts about Colonial Virginia 6: the Royal Colony

The status of Colonial Virginia was as a Royal Colony by 1775. Get facts about Colonial Georgia here.

Colonial Virginia Picture

Colonial Virginia Picture

Facts about Colonial Virginia 7: the important exports

Livestock, fruit, vegetables, corn, tobacco and cotton were some products exported from Colonial Virginia.

Facts about Colonial Virginia 8: the name of the Colonial Virginia

The name of the colony was taken to honor Queen Elizabeth, the virgin queen. The Colony and Dominion of Virginia was the original name of Colonial Virginia. Later, it is called West Virginia and Virginia, Kentucky.

Colonial Virginia Image

Colonial Virginia Image

Facts about Colonial Virginia 9: the plantations

There were many massive plantations in Virginia. They often had barns, smokehouse, laundry, slave quarters, main house, blacksmith’s shop, and a dairy.

Facts about Colonial Virginia 10: as a state

On 25th June 1788, Colonial Virginia became a state in US. Get facts about Colonial Life here.

Colonial Virginia Pictures

Colonial Virginia Pictures

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