10 Facts about Color

Monday, February 1st 2016. | Science

Facts about Color talk about the spectrum of light. The emission spectra, reflection and light absorption are the physical properties of materials and objects connected to the colors. The studies state that men and women perceive red color differently. It is stated that men only see red color, while women can distinguish crimson, cardinal and maroon. It is due to the presence of two X chromosomes on women. Men only have one X chromosome. Get other interesting facts about color below:

Facts about Color 1: silver color

The people who want to buy a new car should pick silver tone. You get lowered insurance rate because this color is very visible in small amount of lighting. Moreover, the silver always looks clear and clean.

Facts about Color 2: the pink color

Pink is always associated with femininity. Actually this color can soothe the nerves. Therefore, pink is used in mental health care facilities and prisons.

Color Image

Color Image

Facts about Color 3: the usage of pink

Pink is more than a color that you can use to decorate the Barbie’s house or even prom dresses. You can also use this tone to decorate the facilities for those out of control.

Facts about Color 4: the first impression

You can get positive impression for the first time from others if you choose bright colors. You can remove the bland wardrobe and wear the bright colored clothes for interesting look.

Color Facts

Color Facts

Facts about Color 5: the most favorite color

Do you know the most favorite color in the world? The report states that blue color is the most favorite color. The second most favorite color is purple.

Facts about Color 6: Chromophobia

The fear of color is chromophobia. People also call it chromatophobia. This fear is very rare in the world. There are certain colors that the people are afraid of.

facts about Color

facts about Color

Facts about Color 7: the symptoms of chromophobia

The shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, light headedness, anxiety,  increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, panic feeling, trembling, and headache are some symptoms of chromophobia. Get facts about child development here.

Facts about Color 8: the treatment of chromophobia

The people who have chromophobia can treat this condition by having exposure therapy or even systematic desensitization.



Facts about Color 9: yellows and oranges

The colors which can increase the appetite are yellows and oranges. They are not the suitable colors for the kitchen. Get facts about color blindness here.

Facts about Color 10: color wheel

Sir Isaac Newton invented color wheel in 1666. When you see the color wheel, you can check the tertiary, secondary and primary colors.

Color Pic

Color Pic

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