10 Facts about Colorado

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One of the states in United States in explained on facts about Colorado. Colorado was inhabited by 5,456,574 people in 2015. The name of the state was taken from Colorado River. The nickname of the state was Centennial State. Colorado shares border with various other states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Here are other facts about Colorado:

Facts about Colorado 1: the landscape

The landscape of Colorado is very unique. It has desert lands, rivers, canyons, high plains, forests, mountains, and plateaus.

Facts about Colorado 2: the capital of Colorado

Do you know the capital of Colorado? It is Denver. It takes the record as the most populous city in the states.

Colorado Facts

Colorado Facts

Facts about Colorado 3: the people who live in Colorado

You can use the term Coloradoan if you want to call the people who live in the state. In modern period, the word Coloradan is more common to use by the people.

Facts about Colorado 4: religions

More than 64 percent of the people who live in Colorado are Christians. The Muslims only occupy one percent of the total population, while Jews only occupy 2 percent of the people.



Facts about Colorado 5: obesity

It is very surprising to note that the rate of obesity in Colorado is the lowest one of all states in US.

Facts about Colorado 6: a shooting location

Colorado is famous as a shooting location for various movies in Hollywood. Some movies shot here include the Sundance Kid, The Searchers and Butch Cassidy and True Grit. In the movies, Colorado provides the Western setting.

Colorado Pictures

Colorado Pictures

Facts about Colorado 7: the film festivals

There are various film festivals in Colorado. Those include Moondance International Film Festival, Castle Rock Film Festival, Mountainfilm in Telluride, Telluride Film Festival, Aspen Shortsfest, and Mile High Horror Film Festival. Check Arkansas facts here.

Facts about Colorado 8: the cuisine

The cuisine of Colorado reflects the cuisine of Rocky Mountain and Southwest. If you are in Colorado, you can spot various Mexican restaurants in the state.

Colorado Image

Colorado Image

Facts about Colorado 9: steak

If you want to enjoy delicious steak, you can come to Denver. The city is famous its steak.  If you want to go to Aspen, Colorado, please come here in June for it hosts Food & Wine Classic. Get facts about California here.

Facts about Colorado 10: wines in Colorado

Colorado is famous with its wine production. The wines can be made of Vitis vinifera grapes, plums, honey, peaches or even cherries.

Facts about Colorado

Facts about Colorado

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