10 Facts about Colorado River

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Facts about Colorado River present the information about one of the primary rivers in northern Mexico and Southwestern United States. The length of the river is 2,330 kilometer or 1,450 miles. The river drains in two Mexican states and seven states in United States. Before the river flows to the southwest, it rises from the central Rocky Mountains in United States. Before it reaches Lake Mead, it goes to Colorado Plateau. Check other facts about Colorado River below:

Facts about Colorado River 1: the fame of Colorado River

Colorado River is very famous not only in America, but also in the world.  People recognize it because of the whitewater rapids and amazing canyons.

Facts about Colorado River 2: the importance of Colorado River

Colorado River is very important for the life of the people who settle in North America. It is considered as the primary source of water for the urban areas and agricultural areas.

Colorado River

Colorado River

Facts about Colorado River 3: how to control the Colorado River

The people use an extensive system of reservoirs, dams, and aqueducts are used to control the Colorado and tributaries.

Facts about Colorado River 4: the water in United States

More than 90 percent of the water of Colorado River is used by around 40 million people for municipal water supply and irrigation.

Colorado River View

Colorado River View

Facts about Colorado River 5: the hydroelectric power

The hydroelectric power can be generated by the large flow and steep gradient of Colorado River.

Facts about Colorado River 6: the Native Americans

For more than 8,000 years, Colorado River has been occupied by the Native American people. At first, it was inhabited by the nomadic hunter gatherers.

Facts about Colorado River

Facts about Colorado River

Facts about Colorado River 7: the European people

In 16th century, the European people had contact with Colorado Basin. The area of Colorado basin was mapped and claimed by Spanish. In 1821, Mexico was independent and the area was included in the country. Get facts about Amazon river here.

Facts about Colorado River 8: the plant species

The areas around the Colorado River are the home to at least 1,600 species of plants. You can find saguaro cactus, creosote bush, and Joshua trees.

Colorado River Pic

Colorado River Pic

Facts about Colorado River 9: the forest of Rocky Mountains

There are various plants that you can find on the forest of Rocky Mountains passed by Colorado River. Those include Engelmann spruce, Douglas-fir, subalpine fir, and ponderosa pine. Get facts about American rivers here.

Facts about Colorado River 10: the species of native fish

There were 49 species of native fish living in the streams and rivers in Colorado Basin. The species declined because of the river’s regulation and engineering projects.

Colorado River Image

Colorado River Image

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