10 Facts about Colorado Springs

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One of the primary cities in United States is explained on Facts about Colorado Springs. In Colorado, United States, this city is considered as the most populous municipality in El Paso County. The location of Colorado Springs is on Fountain Creek. It is in the east central area of Colorado. It sits at 1.6 km or 1 mile above the sea elevation on average. Get other facts about Colorado Springs below:

Facts about Colorado Springs 1: the important places

When you are in Colorado Springs, you can find important places such as United States Olympic Training Center and United States Air Force Academy.

Facts about Colorado Springs 2: the populations

The city was inhabited by 445,830 residents based on the report in 2014.  The first most populous city in Colorado is Denver, Colorado Springs takes the second most populous city. In US, it takes 42nd most populous city.

Colorado Springs Beauty

Colorado Springs Beauty

Facts about Colorado Springs 3: the population in the metropolitan area

The Metropolitan Statistical Area of Colorado Springs is inhabited by 678,319 people based on the report in 2013.

Facts about Colorado Springs 4: the area

Colorado Springs spans on the area of 505 km square or 194.9 square miles.

Colorado Springs at Night

Colorado Springs at Night

Facts about Colorado Springs 5: best city

In 2006, Money Magazine selected Colorado Springs are No 1 Best Big City in Best Places to Live. It also made to the list of America’s Best Cities in 2009 in Outside. It took number one.

Facts about Colorado Springs 6: the economy

There are three primary sources of economy in Colorado Springs. Those are tourism, high tech industry and military. The service sector in the city is also developed.

Facts about Colorado Springs

Facts about Colorado Springs

Facts about Colorado Springs 7: the famous companies in the city

There are several famous companies based in Colorado Springs. Those are Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Harris Corporation, General Dynamics, Boeing, L-3 Communications and SAIC. Check Chicago facts here.

Facts about Colorado Springs 8: Fort Carson

The largest military installation in Colorado Springs is located in Fort Carson. It houses the different training areas for the aviation units, armor and infantry.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

Facts about Colorado Springs 9: tourism

Colorado Springs is famous as a tourism destination for the local and international visitors. People love to view Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak. Get facts about Cleveland Ohio here.

Facts about Colorado Springs 10: the job in tourism

There are around 13,000 jobs from tourism. The interesting tourism destinations are U.S. Olympic Training Center, ANA Money Museum, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, United States Air Force Academy and Old Colorado City.

Colorado Springs Pic

Colorado Springs Pic

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