10 Facts about Colosseum

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Facts about Colosseum talk about the giant amphitheatre located in the center of Rome, Italy. Colosseum is one of the famous buildings in the world.  During the Roman Empire, Colosseum was built. Emperor Vespasian constructed Colosseum in 72 AD. In 80 AD, the construction of Colosseum completed. It was eight years after the construction. Get other interesting facts about Colosseum below:

Facts about Colosseum 1: the spectators

Since Colosseum was very big, there were around 50,000 spectators which could be accommodated by this building.

Facts about Colosseum 2: the size

Let’s find out the size of Colosseum. The length was 620 feet, while the width was 512 feet. The height of Colosseum was 158 feet. It spanned on the area at 6 acres.

Colosseum Building

Colosseum Building

Facts about Colosseum 3: the materials

There were various materials used to create Colosseum.  It needed 1.1 million tons of concrete, bricks and stones.

Facts about Colosseum 4: the Roman law

The Roman law determined the people who sat in the Colosseum. The Senators got the best seats. The ranking government officials or equestrians got the seats behind the senators. The male Roman citizens and soldiers sat at the higher part of Colosseum. The slaves and women sat at the highest seats of Colosseum. The social status determined the location of the seat.

Facts about Colosseum

Facts about Colosseum

Facts about Colosseum 5: Emperor’s Box

Colosseum featured the Emperor’s Box. It was considered as the best seat in the stadium. Actually the games played in the stadium were paid by the emperor. The people were happy because of the games. Thus, the emperor was still the favorite among them.

Facts about Colosseum 6: hypogeum

The hypogeum was a term used to call a labyrinth of underground passages. The gladiators, actors and animals accessed the passages.  Most of them appeared in the center of the area to entertain the spectators. The special effect was added to make the games more interesting.

Colosseum Pic

Colosseum Pic

Facts about Colosseum 7: the walls

Stone was the primary materials to construct walls of Colosseum.   The walls were strong because they featured various arches.

Facts about Colosseum 8: the floor

The floor of Colosseum was made of wood. The sand was used to cover the surface. Find facts about Circus Maximus here.

Colosseum Facts

Colosseum Facts

Facts about Colosseum 9: inside Colosseum

There was a bronze statue of Emperor Nero located outside Colosseum. It had the height at 30 feet. The statue was called Colossus of Nero.

Facts about Colosseum 10: the velarium

The velarium was used to call a retractable awning. The spectators would be free from any rain or hot suit. Get facts about Colonial Houses here.

Colosseum Pictures

Colosseum Pictures

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