10 Facts about Coltan

Saturday, February 13th 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Coltan present the information about the black metallic ore.  The word Coltan is the shortened word for columbite–tantalite. People who work in the industry call it tantalite.  The elements like tantalum and niobium are taken from Coltan extraction. You can use the word tantalite to call the tantalum dominant mineral. The word columbine is often used to call the niobium dominant mineral. Here are some interesting facts about Coltan to note:

Facts about Coltan 1: the primary usage of Coltan

The primary usage of Coltan is for making the tantalum capacitors. There are various electronic products in the world created from the tantalum capacitors.

Facts about Coltan 2: Ituri Conflict

The Ituri Conflict occurred in Democratic Republic of Congo. It has been cited that the presence of Coltan mining was used to finance the conflict.

Coltan Pictures

Coltan Pictures

Facts about Coltan 3: the environmental impact

The lakes and rivers in Congo were polluted because of the Coltan mining activity in the country was not controlled. Thus, the ecology received the negative impact.

Facts about Coltan 4: the population of Eastern Mountain Gorilla

The population of Eastern Mountain Gorilla is decreased. The miners decided to hunt the gorillas because the food source was scarce.

Coltan Mines

Coltan Mines

Facts about Coltan 5: the production of Coltan

The production of Coltan has been decreased from the mines in Africa. The international buyers are encouraged not to buy the Coltan from Congo because the cash is used to find the militia.

Facts about Coltan 6: mobile phones

Some people believe that mobile phones are the primary devices using Coltan. But some people disagree because Coltan can be seen in various productions of electronic devices.  The land based turbines and high temperature alloys also use Coltan. Find facts about cesium here.



Facts about Coltan 7: the global demand

The production of tantalum increases around 4 percent per year based on the United States Geological Survey.

Facts about Coltan 8: Congo

Congo is one of the countries in the world which has abundant Coltan. Even though the source of Coltan is very high, the country is poor.

Coltan Facts

Coltan Facts

Facts about Coltan 9: the digital products

There are various digital products manufactured by using Coltan such as cell phones. The price of coltan was increased because of the popularity of PlayStation 2 in the end of 2000.

Facts about Coltan 10: mining

The people who live in Congo decided to work as a Coltan miner because they can earn regular income for $1 per day. It is considered as the easiest way to earn money for them. Get facts about chromium here.

facts about Coltan

facts about Coltan

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