10 Facts about Columbus Day

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Facts about Columbus Day talk about the national holidays in several countries in America. The purpose of the celebration is to commemorate the discovery of America as well as the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. Columbus discovered the continent on 12th October 1492. In Latin American countries, the people call the celebration as Dia de la Raza which means Day of the Race. In United States, people call it Columbus Day. In Spain, it is called Día de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional. Get other interesting facts about Columbus below:

Facts about Columbus Day 1: the celebration of Columbus Day in other countries

There are many other countries in the world which celebrate Columbus Day. In the Bahamas, people call it Discovery Day. In Belize and Uruguay, people call it Día de las Américas or Day of the Americas.

Facts about Columbus Day 2: the root of celebration

Since the end of 18th century, Columbus Day has been celebrated by the people as an unofficial holiday. Since the beginning of 20th century, it has been made official.

Columbus Day Legacy

Columbus Day Legacy

Facts about Columbus Day 3: Colorado

The first state in United States which celebrates Columbus Day is Colorado. In the beginning of 1900s, the people in the state began to celebrate it.

Facts about Columbus Day 4: the national holiday

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made the Columbus Holiday as the national holiday.

Columbus Day Facts

Columbus Day Facts

Facts about Columbus Day 5: the date of the celebration

At first, Columbus Day was celebrated on 12th of October. In 1971, the Columbus Day was moved to 2nd Monday in October.

Facts about Columbus Day 6: how to celebrate the Columbus Day

In some states, the people celebrate the Columbus Day by having parades. Find facts about Columbia Exchange here.

Columbus Day Parade

Columbus Day Parade

Facts about Columbus Day 7: who is Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was the famous explorer in the world. He discovered America. King Ferdinand and his wife Queen Isabella funded his voyage by giving him three ships that he called Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. He had 90 people with him during the voyage. Ha arrived on a small island located in the Bahamas on 12th October 1492. He called the land San Salvador. Find facts about Columbus here.

Facts about Columbus Day 8: the celebration in Italy

Columbus Day is very important in Italy because Columbus was a citizen from Republic of Genoa. He was an Italian explorer.

Columbus Day Image

Columbus Day Image

Facts about Columbus Day 9: the national holiday in Italy

Since 2004, Columbus Day has been celebrated by the Italian people as a national holiday. They call it Giornata nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo.

Facts about Columbus Day 10: the Columbus Day in Spain

The Spanish people have celebrated Columbus Day since 1987 to commemorate the arrival of Columbus.

Facts about Columbus Day

Facts about Columbus Day

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