10 Facts about Combat

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Facts about Combat inform you with the fighting intended by the people to weaken or beat the opposition. In the military, combat is the armed conflict between the opposed military soldiers. If you want to call the conflict between the nations or individuals, it is okay to call it as a fighting. An argument is considered as a verbal fighting. The battle involves the fighting in large space. Let’s find other interesting facts about combat in the following post below:

Facts about Combat 1: the rules

The combat which occurs on the opposed military forces can be regulated or even unregulated.

Facts about Combat 2: the examples of regulated combat

There are several rules of combat that the military forces may consider. Those include the Marquess of Queensberry rules, medieval chivalry and Geneva Conventions. The latter one defines the treatment of the people during the war.

Facts about Combat

Facts about Combat

Facts about Combat 3: combat in the warfare

As I have stated before, the term combat is often associated with warfare. It is conducted by opposed military forces. They have to notice on the laws of wars so that the right of the combatants and non combatants are protected and maintained.

Facts about Combat 4: the types of combat

There are two types of combat. It can be unarmed. It means that the weapons are not used during the combat. Another one is the armed combat where the weapons involve.



Facts about Combat 5: the hand to hand combat

The combat which occurs at a very close range is called melee or hand to hand combat. The opponent can be attached by using the weapon or even with the body. Find facts about British Soldiers here.

Facts about Combat 6: how to attack using body and weapon

The common weapons used during the hand to hand combat include batons, swords, and knives. You can also attach the opponent by using body. You can do strangling, kicking or even striking.

Combat Pictures

Combat Pictures

Facts about Combat 7: the division of hand to hand combats

Based on the distance or positioning of the combatants, there are three sections of hand to hand combat. Those are the stand up fighting, clinch fighting and ground fighting.

Facts about Combat 8: the absence of firearms

The firearms are absent during the hand to hand combat. This confrontation occurs in a short distance.

Combat Pic

Combat Pic

Facts about Combat 9: the personal physical engagement

The hand to hand combat can be conducted by two or more people. It can involve the criminals, officers, or even civilians. Find facts about coast guards here.

Facts about Combat 10: the close quarter battle

The close quarter battle is a term used to call the close combats by using firearms.

Combat Image

Combat Image

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