10 Facts about Comic Relief

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Facts about Comic Relief talk about the British charity established the response to famine in Ethiopia.  This charitable organization was established in 1985. The founders are Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry. The former one is comedy scriptwriter, while the latter one is a comedian. Red Nose Day is the biennial telethon of Comic Relief.  This event is held in March. Let’s find other interesting facts about comic relief below:

Facts about Comic Relief 1: the telethon event

In United Kingdom, there are two most notable telethon events. Both are held by Comic Relief and Children in Need. The latter one usually is held in November.

Facts about Comic Relief 2: the launching of Comic Relief

In 1985, Comic Relief was launched from a refugee camp in Sudan live on BBC1 in the program Noel Edmonds’ Late, Late Breakfast Show.

Comic Relief Picture

Comic Relief Picture

Facts about Comic Relief 3: Jane Tewson

Jane Tewson was the charity worker who came with the idea of the Comic Relief. He used it the name for the Charity Projects in Scotland and England.

Facts about Comic Relief 4: Lenny Henry and the telethon

The very first Red Nose Day telethon was celebrated by Lenny Henry in Ethiopia on February 8th, 1988.  This event was very successful because there were 150 celebrities and comedians taking part in the event.

Facts about Comic Relief

Facts about Comic Relief

Facts about Comic Relief 5: the donation

The event collected the donation around 15 million British Pounds sterling. It was aired in BBC network and attracted around 30 million TV viewers.

Facts about Comic Relief 6: Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day becomes the highlight of Comic Relief. This event still raises high amount of donation. It is used to solve the poverty and needed children.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Facts about Comic Relief 7: the operating cost

The operating cost of Comic Relief is covered by interest from the money and corporate sponsors. Find facts about American Red Cross here.

Facts about Comic Relief 8: the primary supporters

British Airways, Sainsbury’s supermarket chain, BT, and BBC are some supporters of Comic Relief. The Red Nose Day is aired by BBC. The merchandise of Comic Relief is sold by Sainsbury’s.

Comic Relief Facts

Comic Relief Facts

Facts about Comic Relief 9: the full time staff

There were around 214 people who worked as the average full time staff. Get facts about Barnardos Charity here.

Facts about Comic Relief 10: Sleepwalker

Sleepwalker is the computer platform game released in 1993. Lenny Henry and Harry Enfield filled the voice of game. J. K. Rowling also supported Comic Relief by writing two books for Comic relief. Both are “Quidditch Through the Ages” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. Both are made based on Harry Potter.

Comic Relief Event

Comic Relief Event

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