10 Facts about Commedia dell’arte

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Facts about Commedia dell’arte talk about a form of improvisational theater. In 16th century, Commedia dell’arte was started in Italy. In 17th century, it rose to the peak popularity. Actually Commedia dell’arte is still used today in the theatre. It is not easy to translate the word Commedia dell’arte in English. People often translate it as comedy of craft. Check other interesting facts about Commedia dell’arte below:

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 1: who performed Commedia dell’arte?

A small group of actor usually performed Commedia dell’arte plays. The performance took place in the town squares. Most actors travelled from one town to another town.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 2: collecting the money

The money from the audiences would be collected by the actors by using their hats.

Commedia dell'arte Facts

Commedia dell’arte Facts

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 3: the primary characteristics of Commedia dell’arte

The usage of masks is considered as the primary characteristic of Commedia dell’arte. Thus, the performance of players could be improved. Moreover, it also introduced the beginning of actress performance.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 4: the full name

The full title of Commedia dell’arte is commedia dell’arte all’improvviso. It can be translated into comedy of the craft of improvisation. At first, people called it commedia all’improviso.

Commedia dell'arte Masks

Commedia dell’arte Masks

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 5: the professional actors

The professional actors performed Commedia dell’arte. Usually they were specified in a particular mask or role.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 6: Commedia dell’arte as a response

Commedia dell’arte is believed as a response of the crisis of economy and politics in 16th century based on the point of view of Luciano Pinto, Ferdinando Taviani and Roberto Tessari. All of them were the theater historian from Italy.

Commedia dellarte

Commedia dellarte

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 7: the usage of mask

The usage of mask hid the identity of the performer when they wanted to criticize or even insult the current regime. It was done by Giamoco Casanova during the Naopleonic occupation in Italy. Then Napoleon forbade the usage of Commedia dell’arte. Find facts about Chinese opera here.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 8: The Gelosi

One of the masks used by the Gelosi was Janus. It was a Roman god who had two headed face. The duality of the actor was seen here for it had two different characters.

Facts about Commedia dell'arte

Facts about Commedia dell’arte

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 9: the troupes

The famous troupes or group of actors who performed Commedia dell’arte included Confidenti, Gelosi and Fedeli. Find facts about Christopher Bruce here.

Facts about Commedia dell’arte 10: the stock characters

Commedia dell’arte has some stock characters which include Scaramuccia, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Arlecchino, Harlequin and Pierrot.

Commedia dell'arte Pictures

Commedia dell’arte Pictures

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