10 Facts about Communism

Wednesday, February 17th 2016. | History

Facts about Communism talk about a philosophy or even a type of government. The main objective of communism is to share every single thing equally. The private ownership is very small in communism because the citizens should be treated equally. The agriculture, transportation, means of production, property and education are controlled and owned by the government. Here are some interesting facts about communism to note:

Facts about Communism 1: the father of communism

The father of communism is Karl Marx. He was a philosopher and economist from German. In 1848, he writes a book Communist Manifesto about his ideas. People call them Marxism.

Facts about Communism 2: the communist government

The communist government should focus on the 10 important aspects based on the point of view of Karl Marx.

Communism Image

Communism Image

Facts about Communism 3: some of the aspects of communism

Let’s find some aspects of communism that should be applied by the government. There is a single central bank. The citizens do not own a private property. When the citizens make more money, the income tax will be higher. There is no inheritance right.

Facts about Communism 4: the control of the government

Government has bigger part to control the life of the citizens. The education, transpiration, factories, agriculture, communication, farming, labor and regional planning will be under the control of the government.

 Communism in China

Communism in China

Facts about Communism 5: Russia and communism

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party who applied communism in Russia. The current government was overthrown by Lenin during the October Revolution in 1917.

Facts about Communism 6: the Marxist philosophy

Lenin applied the Marxist philosophies in his government. It was called as Marxism-Leninism. Find facts about China Government here.

Facts about Communism

Facts about Communism

Facts about Communism 7: Soviet Union

The country was called Soviet Union. It became one of the allied powers during the Second World War to defeat Adolf Hitler with his NAZI. There were several countries in Eastern Europe under the control of Soviet Union.

Facts about Communism 8: super power

There were two super powers emerged after the Second World War. Both were United States and Soviet Union. They had cold war.



Facts about Communism 9: communism in China

Another country which applies communism is China. After the victory in Chinese Civil War, the country was led by the communist party.

Facts about Communism 10: the leader of communist China

The leader of communist China was Mao Zedong. At that time, Maoism was the term to call the unique of communism in China. Get facts about China History here.

Communism Pic

Communism Pic

What do you think on facts about communism?

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