10 Facts about Community Service

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The activities conducted by individuals or groups for public are explained on Facts about Community Service. If you think that community service is always a volunteered activity, you are wrong. In some cases, it can be performed voluntarily. If you want to know other reasons why people have to do community service, check the following post below:

Facts about Community Service 1: the military service

When the country requires each citizen to do a military service, they have to do it as a part of citizenship requirement. Therefore, the citizen has to do it involuntarily. Get facts about citizenship here.

Facts about Community Service 2: the sanctions

The community service can be conducted as a payback for the public or community. It is a part of the sanction that an individual has to perform as a substitution.

Community Service Facts

Community Service Facts

Facts about Community Service 3: the requirement of class

Sometimes the students have to do community service if they want to meet the graduation requirement or even in learning case.

Facts about Community Service 4: his graduations

The students in United States have to perform community service before they are graduated. A diploma will be earned by the students in some high school students in Washington if they have performed 200 hours of community service.

Community Service Image

Community Service Image

Facts about Community Service 5: other schools

There are other schools in United States which do not require the students to perform community service before the graduation. However, there are many students who do it voluntarily.

Facts about Community Service 6: the awards

There are around 250 to 300 students awarded by the College and Career Center because of their contribution to the community.

Community Service US

Community Service US

Facts about Community Service 7: the acceptance in the colleges

Community service conducted by the high school students is often seen as the unofficial requirement when they want to be accepted in a certain collage.

Facts about Community Service 8: Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is considered as the largest student organization. It focuses on community service.

Community Service Pictures

Community Service Pictures

Facts about Community Service 9: community service in Canada and United States

The community service in Canada is a little bit similar with the one in United States. The community service in Australia and Europe is often used as an alternative to criminal sentence. Find facts about civil disobedience here.

Facts about Community Service 10: the compulsory unpaid work

In United Kingdom, community service is often called as the compulsory unpaid work. What the people should do include working on a charity or even clearing the graffiti.

Facts about Community Service

Facts about Community Service

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