10 Facts about Comoros

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If you want to know with one of the countries located in the Indian Ocean, check Facts about Comoros. The official name of this sovereign archipelago island is the Union of the Comoros. Moroni is the capital city of Comoros.  Comoros shares borders with Seychelles to the northeast and Tanzania to the northwest. Here are some interesting facts about Comoros to notice.

Facts about Comoros 1: the area of Comoros

Based on the area that Comoros has, it takes the third smallest nation in Africa. It has 640 square miles or 1,660 km square area. The island of Mayotte is not included.

Facts about Comoros 2: the population

There are around 798,000 people who live in Comoros excluding Mayotte. The Bantu speakers originated from East Africa occupied the archipelago. Then it was inhabited by the immigrants from Arab and Austronesia.

Comoros Image

Comoros Image

Facts about Comoros 3: as a French colony

In 19th century, Comoros was a part of French colony. In 1975, the nation got its independence. There are various coups d’état which occurred in Comoros since its independence.

Facts about Comoros 4: the official languages

There are three official languages spoken by the people who live in Comoro. They speak Arabic, Comoros and French.

Comoros Beauty

Comoros Beauty

Facts about Comoros 5: the major islands in Comoros

As I have stated before, Comoros is an archipelago. It means that this nation contains a lot of islands. But it has the four major islands. Those are Maore, Anjouan, Mohéli and Comore.

Facts about Comoros 6: Mayotte

Mayotte is the only island in Comoros which does not want to part away as a French colony. In 1974, it voted against the independence. Therefore, French administers it as an overseas department.

Comoros Beach

Comoros Beach

Facts about Comoros 7: poverty

Poverty has been one of the major issues in Comoros. More than 50 percent of the people who lived in Comoros as of 2008 were in the poverty line. They only made $1.25 per day.

Facts about Comoros 8: matrilineal

Talking about the kinship system, it has matrilineal culture just like the Bantu people. The housing, land and goods will be passed to another generation based on the matrilineal line. Get facts about China here.

Facts about Comoros

Facts about Comoros

Facts about Comoros 9: the economic growth

The economic growth of Comoros is very slow. It is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world. The unemployment rate of Comoros is 14.3 percent. It is considered as a high rate.

Facts about Comoros 10: the leading sectors

The leading sectors in Comoros include forestry, hunting, fishing and other agriculture sectors. Get facts about Colombia here.

Comoros Pic

Comoros Pic

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