10 Facts about Composite Volcanoes

Thursday, February 18th 2016. | Science

Facts about composite volcanoes inform you with the stratovolcano. There are various layers that you can find in this conical volcano. You can spot the volcanic ash, pumice, tephra and hardened lava. Composite volcano is very different from the shield volcano. Some composite volcanoes have calderas or collapsed craters. In most cases, composite volcano is characterized with the effusive eruptions, periodic explosive eruption and steep profile. Here are some interesting facts about composite volcanoes.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 1: the flowing lava

The composite volcanoes have viscosity. That’s why the flowing lava will harden and cool because it reaches far away area.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 2: the amount of silica

The amount of silica on the magma is in high to intermediate amount. The lava can reach the area as far as 9.3 miles or 15 kilometer.

Composite Volcano Picture

Composite Volcano Picture

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 3: the nickname

Composite volcano is considered as the nickname of the stratovolcanoes. It earns the nickname because of the composite layers that it has. The eruptive materials are from the sequential outpourings on the layers.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 4: the notable composite volcanoes in the world

There are two notable composite volcanoes in the world. Both are Mount Vesuvius and Mount Krakatoa.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes

Facts about Composite Volcanoes

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 5: the eruptions of Vesuvius and Krakatoa

The famous eruptions of Mount Vesuvius took place in 79 CE when it destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. In 1883, the people were shocked with the huge eruption of Krakatoa. There were thousands of lives taken because of the eruptions.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 6: composite volcanoes in the modern life

Mount Saint Helens and Mount Pinatubo are two composite volcanoes with catastrophic eruptions in the modern time.

Composite Volcano

Composite Volcano

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 7: the greatest hazards

There are various civilizations affected by the explosive eruptions of composite volcanoes.  Some of the composite volcanoes located in subduction zone include Mount Punatubo, Mouth Etna and Mount St. Helens. Get facts about Blue Ridge Mountains here.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 8:the death of the people

The report stated that volcanic eruption had killed around 300,000 people since 1600 CE.

Composite Volcano Pic

Composite Volcano Pic

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 9: the causes of the death

The main causes of the death can be seen from the deadly hazards and pyroclastic flows and mudflows. Find facts about Colima Volcano here.

Facts about Composite Volcanoes 10: El Chichón Volcano

El Chichón Volcano located in Chiapas, Mexico had three explosive eruptions in March to April 1982. It killed around 2000 residents.

Composite Volcano Image

Composite Volcano Image

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