10 Facts about Composting

Friday, February 19th 2016. | Environment

Learning Facts about Composting is useful for you. Composting is useful to bring back the nutrients to the soil. It’s more than just a recycling process of decomposed organic stuff into compost, after all. There are many other things you should know regarding this process.

Facts about Composting 1: It Has Lots of Benefits

Composting gives many advantages to the surroundings as it transforms waste into a more useful substance like soil amendment. It helps to slow the climate change and it saves more landfills space. Not to mention composting saves money on the garbage disposal.

Facts about Composting 2: The Off-Site Composting

There are many types of composting. An off-site composting is an example. It’s the method of wasting diversion conducted in a particular place. It may divert more portion of the leftover stream to composting.

Facts about Composting

Facts about Composting

Facts about Composting 3: Sheffield Building Composting

There’s an astonishing data of waste composting in Sheffield building, Montague Elementary School. A post-lunch may result in 39 lbs. of compostable leftover. There is only 4 lbs. of trash. This means more than 80% of that leftover is compost.

Facts about Composting 4: The Procedure

There’s a procedure for starting a compost program. The schools must inspect their current size of trash dumpster and pickup frequency. They must check whether those things are suitable for the program or not.



Facts about Composting 5: Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is a unique method of composting. Thanks to the worms that are put inside the enclosed bin. This way, people can compost trash in a more convenient way with low maintenance effort. It’s also a perfect method to compost indoors.

Facts about Composting 6: The Awards

Many organizations and online communities have put more efforts in composting. The Mass DEP Green Team in Massachusetts gives free to recycle and compost bins to any teachers who join their composting campaign or programs.

Composting Pictures

Composting Pictures

Facts about Composting 7: Decomposition Process

The decomposition process takes time differently depending on many factors and added materials. Regularly, the length of time takes 2-6 months. It can be either sooner or later. People are looking for the new method how to fasten such decomposition process, after all. Find facts about biomass here.

Facts about Composting 8: The Volunteers

Many modern countries have taught students and people to inspect lunch compost bins. They ensure there are no contaminants enter the baskets. If they find any, they need to remove it immediately.

Composting Image

Composting Image

Facts about Composting 9: On-Site Composting

Those who perform on-site composting should avoid putting dairy, meat, peanut butter, bones, or other foods that contain much protein. They need to put more leaves instead. This helps them speed up the composting process. Get facts about carbon footprints here.

Facts about Composting 10: The Labeling

People usually put a label to their compost dumpster, especially if they composting off site. It’s useful to prevent passersby from dumping trash carelessly and contaminating the compost with trash or plastics.

Composting Facts

Composting Facts

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