10 Facts about Compounds

Thursday, February 18th 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Compounds talk about chemical compound in chemistry. The compounds can be made by two or more chemical elements. When you want to separate the compound, you have to do various chemical reactions. The chemical bonds hold the atoms and chemical structures. Let’s find other interesting facts about compounds below:

Facts about Compounds 1: the types of compounds

The compounds are available in four types.  The type is determined by the constituent atoms. Those include the coordinate molecular, salts, complexes, and intermetallic compounds. The ionic bond is seen on the salt. The metallic bonds are used to hold the intermetallic compounds.

Facts about Compounds 2: the numerical identifier

The numerical identifier is used to call the chemical compounds. CAS or Chemical Abstract Service assigns the numerical identifier.



Facts about Compounds 3: a chemical formula

If you want to be informed with the proportion of atom in a certain compound, you need to look at the chemical formula. The chemical elements should be in standard abbreviations. The number of the atoms in the compounds can be seen on subscripts.

Facts about Compounds 4: water

Water is a type of compound. HO2 is the chemical formula of water. There are two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom.

Facts about Compounds

Facts about Compounds

Facts about Compounds 5: interaction

You can interact a chemical compound with another chemical compound if you want to convert it into another one. During the chemical reaction, the bonds are broken when the two compounds are interacting.

Facts about Compounds 6: the identical chemical element

The chemical compound is not applied on bonded identical chemical elements. S8 is the polyatomic molecule sulfur excluded as a compound.



Facts about Compounds 7: the coordinate covalent bonds

The coordinate covalent bonds join the complexes to create a chemical compound. Find facts about chemical bonding here.

Facts about Compounds 8: the valency term

The term valency defines the number of hydrogen atoms used for the process to create a certain compound.

Compound Water

Compound Water

Facts about Compounds 9: the Hill System

The Hill system is used as the rule to write the specific order of the compound. The fist one is always carbon if the compound has carbon atom. Then it is followed by hydrogen. Then the other elements will be listed in alphabetical order. Get facts about Coltan here.

Facts about Compounds 10: the ionic compounds

If you have an ionic compound, the positive ion should enlisted first. Then it is followed by negative ion.

Compound Facts

Compound Facts

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