10 Facts about Computer Aided Design

Saturday, February 20th 2016. | Technology

Facts about Computer Aided Design help you know more about CAD. It’s the use of technology in a computer to make a design. In fact, it’s very handful for those who often use a manual draft. This means the software can replace that old methodology with a simpler system.

Facts about Computer Aided Design 1: The Virtual Prototype

Way back then before the existence of CAD, designers and manufacturers used prototypes of computer chips, automobiles, buildings, and many other products. Thanks to this technology that people these days can produce virtual prototype for any types of their projects.

Facts about Computer Aided Design 2: The Uses

Both designers and manufacturers take advantage of this technology to learn the performance, reliability, and optimization problems in prototypes. They also use it in current designs. Drawings are modifiable until they reach the most wanted results.

Facts about Computer Aided Design

Facts about Computer Aided Design

Facts about Computer Aided Design 3: The Capability

It helps mechanical engineering and aerospace industry to overcome problems prominently at the very first development of CAD. People used it in order to process bulk data of the computer. It becomes easier and faster to perform such kind of job.

Facts about Computer Aided Design 4: Numerical Methods

In the early development of this system, the programs utilized numerical methods to evaluate structures, simulate real situations and calculate maximum performance levels.

Computer Aided Design Picture

Computer Aided Design Picture

Facts about Computer Aided Design 5: The Early Uses

It was in the 1950s when a graphic defense system was made for the United States air force. Later, the system involved 2-dimensional geometry to describe the width and height of measured objects.

Facts about Computer Aided Design 6: The Development

In the 1990s, CAD systems had developed well to various industries including architecture. People started developing a batter manipulation of the database to satisfy the need for algebraic manipulations and 3-dimensional geometry.

Computer Aided Design Image

Computer Aided Design Image

Facts about Computer Aided Design 7: Architectural Uses

Both architectural drawings and renderings are modifiable on computers as selection, searching, and computational tasks. Searching tasks become the resemblance of variable sets with different values. Get facts about cell phones here.

Facts about Computer Aided Design 8: Mathematical Models

The CAD numerical functions become the core of mathematical models. In order to build 3-dimensional models like blocks, those features are needed. The other elements like lines, curves, and points are the manipulations of the system.

Computer Aided Design Facts

Computer Aided Design Facts

Facts about Computer Aided Design 9: The Display

Once the mathematical models develop an adaptation of a computer figure, it’s displayed and stored. There are 2 different methods used to show those objects. It’s either by using vector or raster graphics. Get facts about cloud computing here.

Facts about Computer Aided Design 10: Algorithm Optimization

You can make use of the system to optimize algorithm and enhance design features of a project. This may minimize the overall cost of the project.

Computer Aided Design Pic

Computer Aided Design Pic

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