10 Facts about Computer Games

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Facts about Computer Games will give you a better insight about PC gaming. People have been used their computer to play many games. One thing, people will imagine how they play with their computer. They use the mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and joystick to play some PC games. What about you?

Facts about Computer Games 1: First PC Games Generation

The very first generation of PC games was mostly interactive fiction or text adventures. Players gave a command to the computer by communicating through a keyboard.

Facts about Computer Games 2: The Rise of PC Games

Many companies tried to flood the video game market with poor-quality games. That led to overproduction of notorious games that even underperformed Pac-Man. It was the time when computer games for education became popular.

Computer Game

Computer Game

Facts about Computer Games 3: IMB PC

The world’s biggest computer company, IBM, entered the market with their IBM PC. It was in 1981 when they produced games like MFS. However, the speaker sound and graphics were poor at that time.

Facts about Computer Games 4: Memory Consumption

In the 1990s, PC games needed more memory than other qualifications. The games also consumed much conventional memory. People used to modify their computer files in order to manage their memory.

Computer Game Pic

Computer Game Pic

Facts about Computer Games 5: Modern PC Games

High-end computer games include more resources. This means you can play different games with a better display and sound quality. Not to mention there’s better frame rate and screen resolution.

Facts about Computer Games 6: The Compatibility

Many gamers don’t pay attention to the hardware compatibility when they install and play PC games. This may lead into many problems, indeed. In order to play high-end PC games, people need to use a better computer system and requirement.

Computer Games Facts

Computer Games Facts

Facts about Computer Games 7: The Components

Manufacturers decided to sell PC components individually. The aim is to get more profits. Some may produce components in a mass quantity in order to get smaller profit, though. Get facts about Clash of Clans here.

Facts about Computer Games 8:  PC Platform Openness

PC platform becomes open to anyone. This means players can edit their games and share their mods all over the internet. It gives positive effects on the way people take advantage of PC games.

Computer Games

Computer Games

Facts about Computer Games 9: Windows

Microsoft Company introduced their famous operating system named Windows. It’s the improvement made to DOS. It had better user interfaces and graphics, too. Soon after, it dominated the PC game market and beat Mac OS. Find facts about COD here.

Facts about Computer Games 10: Downloadable PC Games

Most of the PC games are available on the internet to buy. You can purchase and download them directly to your computer.

Facts about Computer Games

Facts about Computer Games

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