10 Facts about Computer Memory

Monday, February 22nd 2016. | Technology

Facts about Computer Memory help you to find out unique information of that part of the computer. It’s the storage space from which computer data is processed. Computer memory has different small parts and you can call them cells. Now, it’s time to learn the facts of the memory.

Facts about Computer Memory 1: The Early Development

In the beginning, computer memory was only allowed of having a few bytes of capacity. The ENIAC was the first programmable digital computer that includes lots of radio tubes. This means the capacity was quite limited back then.

Facts about Computer Memory 2: Presper Eckert

Presper Eckert developed an advanced computer memory that included line memory of acoustic delay. Still, this type of memory was limited to a particular capacity in order to retain the efficiency.

Computer Memory Facts

Computer Memory Facts

Facts about Computer Memory 3: Magnetic Core Memory

It was in the 1940s when Jay Forrester and friends began finding non-volatile memory. They produced magnetic core memory. It’s useful to bring back memory after power loss.

Facts about Computer Memory 4: Volatile Memory

People remain use volatile memory these days. It’s the type of memory that requires power to retain the stored information. The most recent technology is dynamic RAM and static RAM.

Facts about Computer Memory

Facts about Computer Memory

Facts about Computer Memory 5: SRAM vs. DRAM

In comparison, SRAM isn’t quite popular for desktop system memory. This means DRAM dominates that field. SRAM will be suitable for small embedded systems. It’s because it only needs 10 kilobytes to operate.

Facts about Computer Memory 6: Non-Volatile Memory

This type of memory is able to maintain the stored information even without power. The perfect example of this type of memory is ROM, 3D Point, and flash memory. Find computer facts here.

Computer Memory

Computer Memory

Facts about Computer Memory 7: Memory Management

The computer system needs to have proper memory management to operate properly. Recent computer operating systems have quite complex systems that can manage memory in an appropriate manner.

Facts about Computer Memory 8: Memory Leak

The leak occurs when a particular program asks for memory from the OS and it never returns the memory once it’s done. This kind of bug may ruin the system as they gradually need more memory. It will fail over time when the memory runs out.

Computer Memory Pictures

Computer Memory Pictures

Facts about Computer Memory 9: Memory Overflow

There’s also buffer overflow. It was the problem when a particular program put data on some space and put the other data to the same space for some reasons. This results in errors. Get facts about computer history here.

Facts about Computer Memory 10: Virtual Computer Memory

The newest technology is called virtual memory. It’s the system where the entire physical memory is managed by the operating system.

Computer Memory Pic

Computer Memory Pic

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