10 Facts about Computer Music

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Not many people know the Facts about Computer Music. What about you? Computer music is the type of electrical music that is made by a computer or other similar devices. You can find more interesting information by reading facts below.

Facts about Computer Music 1: CSIRAC

It was CSIRAC, a computer, which could play music. The unit was built and designed by Maston Beard and Trevor Pearcey. It was Geoff Hill that made the unit popular to play musical melodies back then.

Facts about Computer Music 2: Ferranti Mark

Ferranti Mark played the first known computer music recordings. It was the different version of Baby Machine played in 1951. The one who wrote the music program was Christopher Strachey.

Computer Music Facts

Computer Music Facts

Facts about Computer Music 3: TOSBAC Suite

Japanese also attempted to computer music experiments since 1962. Hayashi and Sekine used TOSBAC computer in their experiments. The result was quite satisfying as they produced a piece named TOSBAC Suite.

Facts about Computer Music 4: The Duration

At the first time, computer music programs weren’t real time. Programs may run for days and hours. These also run on high-end computers in order to produce music with only a few minutes of duration.

Computer Music Design

Computer Music Design

Facts about Computer Music 5: The Earliest Features

Japanese PCs included sound chips of FM synthesis in the 1980s. These also included MIDI and MML interfaces as the audio programming languages.

Facts about Computer Music 6: The Advanced Development

The development of technology has made the computer music become more powerful. Not to mention it generates a better performance. There are many approaches and algorithms used later. Get facts about computer here.

Facts about Computer Music

Facts about Computer Music

Facts about Computer Music 7: The Contemporary Development

There’s computer music ubiquity in recent culture. Plus, researchers become pursuing new composition, computer-based synthesis, and performance approaches these days.

Facts about Computer Music 8: The Systems

Computer music is generated and composed by using the extensive aid of the computer system. There are also machine improvisations included creating enhancement to the current music materials.

Computer Music Pic

Computer Music Pic

Facts about Computer Music 9: Live Coding

In the world of computer music, there’s the term of live coding. People also call it as interactive programming. It’s the one that makes the system more interesting. Get facts about computer history here.

Facts about Computer Music 10: Jean Baptiste Fourier

It was a French scientist who proved the fact that particular periodic waveform can be communicated through sine waves. It was useful for the development of computer music, in fact.

Computer Music Image

Computer Music Image

So, are you interested in Facts about Computer Music?

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