10 Facts about Computer Programming

Monday, February 22nd 2016. | Technology

You will be amused by learning Facts about Computer Programming. What’s computer programing, exactly? It’s the process of implementing and developing many sets of commands to encourage a computer performing a particular task. Those instructions are called programs. There are many things you don’t know, though.

Facts about Computer Programming 1: The Major

Computer programming has many majors and those are popular in both universities and colleges. It’s the field where people study programming language to be able to communicate and command the computer.

Facts about Computer Programming 2: It’s Fun

Many people often get intimidated when they hear computer programming. They don’t really know how fun it could be. This field only requires more practices and repeated tasks. People can improve over time.

Computer Programming facts

Computer Programming facts

Facts about Computer Programming 3: The Career

People should try to enter this type of career. In fact, it’s a high-level job with an excellent satisfaction. There are many reasons why computer programming can be a nice career. It’s also a secure job as professionals can earn much money and satisfaction.

Facts about Computer Programming 4: The First Numerical Computation

According to history, human started using the numerical computation concept in the abacus. It’s the one and only mechanical device invented in 2500 BC.

Computer Programming Design

Computer Programming Design

Facts about Computer Programming 5: The Algorithms

In the past, people practiced computer programming in order to implement and discover the simplest algorithms. There are many classifications of algorithms including memory consumption, Big O notation, and many more.

Facts about Computer Programming 6: Software Development

Requirements analysis is the first common software development process in computer programming. It’s followed by debugging and many other software developments years later.

Facts about Computer Programming

Facts about Computer Programming

Facts about Computer Programming 7: Modern Programming Language

When it is about modern computer programming, it seems hard to determine what kind of languages are the most popular ones. Some people may take advantage of COBOL, actually.

Facts about Computer Programming 8: The Debugging

There are many processes of computer programming. Debugging is one of them. It’s an imperative task in the development process of software. It prevents defects and faults as some programming languages are prone to those issues. Find facts about computer memory here.

Computer Programming

Computer Programming

Facts about Computer Programming 9: The Misconception

People who are unfamiliar with programming often misunderstand the computer programming languages. They consider those as the same. They aren’t wrong as the programming languages include the similar machine code and binary. Get facts about computer programmers here.

Facts about Computer Programming 10: The Problems Solver

Computer programming has the prime concept to solve all types of problems. Computer scientists have been studying the real world problems and apply some solutions into the computer. Most of the solutions are quite good enough for computer users.

Computer Programming Pic

Computer Programming Pic

Facts about Computer Programming are quite amusing, aren’t they?

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