10 Facts about Computers

Saturday, February 20th 2016. | Technology

Are you interested reading Facts about Computers? Computers have been an inseparable part of your life. There are many things you don’t know about them, for sure. People these days simply use a computer without knowing anything about the history, trivia, and facts of that technology.

Facts about Computers 1: the users

To reach 50 million of people, radio takes 38 years while the television takes approximately 13 years. What about the computer and internet? It only takes 4 years to reach those users worldwide.

Facts about Computers 2: The 1st Computer

The name of the first computer is the Z1. Thanks to KonradZuse who invented it in 1936. He also invented the second version named Z2 in the next 3 years. The second invention was recognized as the 1st successful computer when compared to others.

Facts about Computers

Facts about Computers

Facts about Computers 3: The Keyboard

QWERTY isn’t the most efficient keyboard. The Dvorak is. It helps users to type in an easy manner. Still, QWERTY is more useful when it comes to preventing jamming while typing. Even today, there are some people who still use the old keyboard version.

Facts about Computers 4: The IBM

Even though IBM computer was very popular back then, it wasn’t considered compatible for users. It’s because people couldn’t run the Flight Simulator of the Microsoft.



Facts about Computers 5: Computer Aquariums

There’s a computer aquarium. You only need to purchase a product named Macquarium. It’s the aquarium produced by using used Macintosh computers.

Facts about Computers 6: Computer Viruses

The most troublesome thing in the world of computer is a virus. Even though it may corrupt the system, it doesn’t infect your computer unless you activate it in some ways like sharing the corrupted files or reckless downloading.

Computer Program

Computer Program

Facts about Computers 7: Japanese Emoticons

Emoticons are quite familiar when it is about a computer. The Japanese also include this feature in their computer system. However, theirs aren’t on the side. Instead, the emoticons are way up. Get facts about computer programming here.

Facts about Computers 8: The Music

Computers are also useful to play music. MP3 had been invented earlier in 1991. However, it was in 1998 when people are able to share music file by using a particular service called Napster.

Computer Facts

Computer Facts

Facts about Computers 9: The File Sharing

Both computer and internet are inseparable. File sharing became a problem for those who manage it. People started making preventative efforts to stop the files from spreading without authorities. Find computer history facts here.

Facts about Computers 10: Computers and Search Engines

The search engines like Yahoo and Google help people to reach unlimited sites by using their computer. Amazon became the biggest shopping site on the internet back then. Thanks to the involvement of both computer and internet.



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