10 Facts about Concentration Camps

Tuesday, February 23rd 2016. | History

Facts about Concentration Camps talk about the concentration camp established by Nazi Germany.  The concentration camps spread around the areas controlled by Germany. Soon after Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany along with his power Nazi party, the first concentration camp was established in March 1933 in Germany. It was controlled by Prussian Acting Interior Minister Hermann Göring and Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm. Here are other interesting facts about concentration camps to note:

Facts about Concentration Camps 1: the function of the concentration camp

The main function of the concentration was to torture the enemies of politics and hold them inside the concentration camps. At first, there were 45,000 prisoners kept inside the camps.

Facts about Concentration Camps 2: the control

The concentration camps and police in Germany were under the control of Heinrich Himmler’s SS in 1934 until 1935.

Concentration Camp Pic

Concentration Camp Pic

Facts about Concentration Camps 3: the expanded role of the camps

The role of the camp was expanded for it was used by the Germans to hold the racially undesirable people like the Romani, homosexuals, criminals and Jews.

Facts about Concentration Camps 4: the numbers of people in the camps

The camps were inhabited by around 7,500 people when the number decreased. At the beginning of the Second World War, the camps were occupied by 715,000 people.

Concentration Camp

Concentration Camp

Facts about Concentration Camps 5: Concentration Camps Inspectorate

Concentration Camps Inspectorate administered the concentration camps since 1934. Then SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt and Concentration Camps Inspectorate merged. Find facts about Auschwitz Concentration Camp here.

Facts about Concentration Camps 6: the extermination camps

The extermination camp was very different from the concentration camp. The former was used to execute the people who held in the concentration camp.

Concentration Camps NAZI

Concentration Camps NAZI

Facts about Concentration Camps 7: the death or the imprisoned people

There were around 15 to 20 million people who died in the Nazi camps in 1933 until 1945 based on the estimation of Geoffrey Megargee and Martin Dean.

Facts about Concentration Camps 8: the subcamps

There were around 44 subcamps located in Auschwitz. Gross-Rosen was filled with 100 subcamps. Get facts about Belzec Concentration Camp here.

Facts about Concentration Camps 9: the suffered people in the subcamps

Concentration Camps Pic

Concentration Camps Pic

The executions, untreated disease or even starvation made the people in the sub camps suffered.

Facts about Concentration Camps 10: the liberation

In 1944 until 1945, the Allied and Soviet forces liberated the concentration camps.

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