10 Facts about Conception

Tuesday, February 23rd 2016. | Health

If you want to know more about impregnation, fecundation, fertilization or even syngamy, check the following post Facts about Conception.  The new individual organism can be developed if the fusion of the gametes is initiated. The fusion of a sperm and ovum will be occurred during the conception in an animal. Then the zygote will be developed. It will be transformed into an embryo.

Facts about Conception 1: the internal or external fertilization

The fertilization or conception can occur internally or externally. The internal conception occurs when the process occurs inside the body of female.

Facts about Conception 2: the sexual reproduction

The conception is always associated with sexual reproduction. The people define it as a cycle of conception and development.

Conception Facts

Conception Facts

Facts about Conception 3: the formation of zygote

The zygote will only be formed if there is an interaction between the semen produced by male with the ovum of female. It was noted by Spallanzani in 1784. Find facts about childbirth here.

Facts about Conception 4: the conception of sea urchin

The conception of sea urchin was spotted by Oscar Hertwig in Germany in 1876.   The fusion of ovum and spermatozoa nuclei was explained by Hertwig.

Facts about Concentric Castles

Conception Pictures

Facts about Conception 5: the conception in Bryophyte land plants

The conception which occurs on plants is very different from the one in animals. The location of the conception is inside archegonium.

Facts about Conception 6: the flowering plants

You can spot two sperms from every pollen grain in the flowering plants.

Conception Pic

Conception Pic

Facts about Conception 7: Gymnosperms

The group of plants which produces seeds is called Gymnosperms. The members of the group include ginkgo, cycads, Gnetales and conifers.

Facts about Conception 8: Oviparous animals

The eggs are produced by the oviparous animals. They are included in external conception. The internal conception occurs on the viviparous and ovoviviparous animals. There are several benefits of having internal conception because the egg is protected in longer of time, the gametes are not wasted and the fertilization is very selective.

Conception Image

Conception Image

Facts about Conception 9: the mammals

The copulation occurs for the fertilization process of mammals. It occurs internally. The sperm will be move to the upper part of the vagina after the internal ejaculation of male. The fertilization occurs when the sperm meets the ovum.

Facts about Conception 10: the fertilization in human being

The fertilization in human being occurs when the ovum and sperm meets. Then a zygote will be formed for eight to nine days. The gestation period is around 9 months. Get facts about child development here.

Facts about Conception

Facts about Conception

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