10 Facts about Concussions

Wednesday, February 24th 2016. | Medical

Reading more about Facts about Concussions will be quite a big help if you want to know more about this condition. A concussion is the type of brain injury that is triggered by several things like fall, blow, and other injuries.

Facts about Concussions 1: The Causes

The prime trigger of concussion is the TBI or a traumatic brain injury. The causes vary including a jolt, blow, and bump to the head. This condition also occurs because jarring or bad movement of the neck or head.

Facts about Concussions 2: The Recovery Time

Those who get concussions are able to recover quickly. However, the symptoms can last for weeks in some cases. It depends on how bad the injury is.

Concussions Facts

Concussions Facts

Facts about Concussions 3: The Vulnerability

If you have ever had a concussion, you are prone to get another. This means you become more vulnerable to it. That’s why an athlete should undergo a health test before joining a competition.

Facts about Concussions 4: Sport Injuries

Most people get a concussion from sports injuries. Those who play football, basketball, rugby and other sports activities have the risk to get a concussion. In some cases, concussion also occurs because falls and accidents.

Facts about Concussions

Facts about Concussions

Facts about Concussions 5: The Symptoms

In average, the symptoms of concussion may disappear between 8 to 10 days. Once recovered, you should be more careful as you are 5 times more susceptible to suffer the same condition when compared to regular people.

Facts about Concussions 6: Post-Concussion Syndrome

In severe cases, concussion symptoms may remain for weeks. There are also people who need months to recover. The complication is the culprit behind it.

Concussions Pictures

Concussions Pictures

Facts about Concussions 7: The Consequences

Immediate symptoms of concussion include nausea, pain, unclear vision, sickness, and blackout. Children need more time to recover from a concussion. It’s because they don’t have a fully develop brain yet. Find facts about chronic diseases here.

Facts about Concussions 8: The Collisions

Many collisions also become the triggers of concussions. Wrestlers often get this brain injury as their activity is quite risky. Other athletes also have the risk of concussion.

Concussions Pic

Concussions Pic

Facts about Concussions 9: The Testing

Some people believe that neurocognitive testing can be utilized to diagnose a brain injury. However, they need further medical treatment to deal with the concussion. Get facts about colon cancer here.

Facts about Concussions 10: It Takes Much Time to Recover

Research shows that most of the concussions will vanish within a week. However, it can be longer than that due to some reasons. It depends on the impact of the brain during the injury. Some people need months to recover.

Concussions Image

Concussions Image

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