10 Facts about Condensation

Thursday, February 25th 2016. | Physics

It’s true that not all people know Facts about Condensation. Basically, condensation is the alteration of matter bodily state from vapor to liquid. It’s the opposite of evaporation. There are several unique things you need to learn about condensation, actually. Here are some of them.

Facts about Condensation 1: How to Find Out

You can know whether you have condensation or not. It’s by simply steaming puddles and windows of water on the sills. You can also look for the mold appearing around the surfaces like windows.

Facts about Condensation 2: The Sources

Some of you might wonder where the water vapor comes from. The most recognize sources come from drying clothes, cooking, washing up, radiators, moisture, and even the breath you exhale.

Condensation Facts

Condensation Facts

Facts about Condensation 3: The Occurrence

Condensation may occur due to many reasons. It occurs due to the house thermal currents. In this condition, there are many places you should inspect such as cold spots. Rooms that lack of heat are also prone to condensation.

Facts about Condensation 4: The Double Glazing

Double glazing is an effort how you can reduce the heat loss. The concept is to provide insulator to the window. It’s important to note that sealed units will act as an insulator. This is where this technique is quite useful.

Condensation Pic

Condensation Pic

Facts about Condensation 5: The Control

Many people have conducted efforts to control condensation. For example, you can provide natural ventilation to the rooms. It may provide a better ventilation as it keeps maintaining the temperature in average basis.

Facts about Condensation 6: The Problem

It’s a fact that you can’t avoid condensation. All homes get it. Condensation usually occurs due to the abundant existence of steam and moisture. Even your bath times may trigger the problem from occurring.

Condensation Pictures

Condensation Pictures

Facts about Condensation 7: The Inspection

The best way to recognize condensation is through the inspection. Any damp rooms are vulnerable to this issue. Both leaking roof and pipes also become the major triggers of condensation.

Facts about Condensation 8: Humidity and Moisture

Winter is the worst time as your home will become more susceptible to condensation. The moisture should be released through condensation and ventilation. Find facts about air resistance here.

Condensation Image

Condensation Image

Facts about Condensation 9: The Nature of Condensation

Even though condensation often causes problems, it’s quite important in nature. The more condensation occurs, the higher the temperature would be. On the contrary, temperature loss happens when there’s lack of condensation. Get facts about air pressure here.

Facts about Condensation 10: The Interior Condensation

The glass pane of your house often becomes the place where condensation occurs. It’s also called as interior condensation and any homeowners need to be more concerned about it.

Facts about Condensation

Facts about Condensation

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