10 Facts about Condoleezza Rice

Thursday, February 25th 2016. | Politics

Let me show you the interesting facts about American political scientist and diplomat on Facts about Condoleezza Rice. She was born on 14th November 1954. People recognize her as the 66th Secretary of State in United States during the administration of President George W. Bush. She took the record as the second African American secretary of state. The first one is Colin Powell. But she took the record as the first female African American secretary of state. Here are some interesting facts about Condoleezza Rice:

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 1: during the first term

During the first term of the administration of President Bush, Rice served as the National Security Advisor. She is the first woman who takes such important position.

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 2: teaching

Rice worked at Stanford University where she served as a professor of political science. In 1993 until 1999, she became Provost before she decided to be involved in the administration of Bush. Find facts about Colin Powell here.

Condoleezza Rice Pic

Condoleezza Rice Pic

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 3: another position

During the dissolution of the Soviet Union and German reunification, she took the position as the Soviet and Eastern Europe Affairs Advisor for Bush on the National Security Council. Check facts about Chris Christie here.

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 4: the responsible democratic governments

Rice wanted to increase the number of the responsible democratic governments in the world through her Transformational Diplomacy policy when she was selected as the Secretary of State. The Greater Middle East became her concern.

Facts about Condoleezza Rice

Facts about Condoleezza Rice

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 5: the challenges

Rice’s policy was challenged in many situations. During the Palestinian elections, Hamas was very popular.

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 6: back to teaching

She became a political science professor again in March 2009 at Stanford University.

Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 7: the nomination of Secretary of State

She made into the nomination of Secretary of State on 16th November 2004. She won with a vote of 85-13 on 26th January 2005 after her nomination was confirmed by the Senate.

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 8: Time 100

On the Time 100, she was made to the list four times. She is one of the 100 most influential people in the world based on Time Magazine.

Condoleezza Rice Facts

Condoleezza Rice Facts

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 9: Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine called her as the most powerful women in the world in 2004 and 2005. In 2006, she made number two since the number one was Angela Merkel.

Facts about Condoleezza Rice 10: the personal life

Rice has no kids even husband. She remains single.

Condoleezza Rice Image

Condoleezza Rice Image

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