10 Facts about Condoms

Thursday, February 25th 2016. | Health

Facts about Condoms talk about the barrier device that people use when they have sexual intercourse. There are various reasons why people wear condoms. Some people want to avoid the sexually transmitted infection or even decrease the probability of being pregnant. When the penis erects, the condom will be rolled into it before the intercourse. Therefore, the body of the sexual partner will never receive the ejaculated semen since it is blocked by the usage of condom. Here are some interesting facts about condom to note:

Facts about Condoms 1: other usages of condoms

During the collection of semen for the infertility treatment and fellatio, condoms are used.

Facts about Condoms 2: the condoms for male and female

Many people think that condoms are made for male. It is not true. The female condoms are produced too.



Facts about Condoms 3: the materials

Nitrile is used to create the condoms for female.  Latex is the main material used to create condoms in the modern age. Actually there are other materials used to create condoms such as lamb intestine, polyisoprene and polyurethane.

Facts about Condoms 4: birth control

The price of the male condom is not expensive because it is mainly used as a method of birth control. It can protect the people from the sexual diseases. Moreover, the male condom is very easy to use and has few side effects.

Facts about Condoms

Facts about Condoms

Facts about Condoms 5: the perfect use

If pregnancy rate for the perfect use for male condom is only 2 percent year.  The pregnancy rate for the typical use of condom is 18 percent.

Facts about Condoms 6: the popular method

The most popular method for contraception in the world is by using condom since 19th century. Actually it has been used of more than 400 years in the world.



Facts about Condoms 7: controversy

Even though people begin to accept the usage of condom, it creates controversy. The people are still on the debate about the function of condom in the sex education classes.

Facts about Condoms 8: the advantages and disadvantages of condoms

Condoms have advantages and disadvantages. Some people feel that the sexual excitement is decreased when using condoms. Others feel that they can enjoy the delayed ejaculation and prolonged erection. Check facts about body building here.

Condoms Pic

Condoms Pic

Facts about Condoms 9: condoms and sex educations

Condom is also used in sex education because it can reduce the probability of pregnancy. But some religious organizations disagree with the usage of condom in sex education. Find facts about colic here.

Facts about Condoms 10: the flavored condoms

During the oral sex, people love to use the flavored condoms. The penetration is easy to do because condom has lubricant coating.

Condoms Facts

Condoms Facts

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