10 Facts about Conduction

Friday, February 26th 2016. | Physics

Learning is fun and Facts about Conduction will give you a better insight of this heat energy transmission. It’s actually the process of heat transmission between neighboring molecules. The perfect example is the heating of a frying pan over the stove.

Facts about Conduction 1: The Internal Conduction

Your body also undergoes conduction. However, the potential and kinetic energies of the body’s bulk motion will be accounted separately. Also, it’s considered as stationary as inspected on a microscopic scale.

Facts about Conduction 2: Gases’ Conduction

A gas and fluids are less conductive. That’s because the atoms in a gas have a large distance to each other. If there are fewer collisions among the atoms, the conduction becomes lesser. The conductivity may increase as the temperature rises, though.

Conduction Facts

Conduction Facts

Facts about Conduction 3: The Steady Conduction

It’s the form of conduction that occurs when there’s constant difference of the temperature during the conductive process. The spatial temperature distribution won’t change further. As a result, the entire temperature partial derivatives will become zero.

Facts about Conduction 4: The Transient Conduction

The temperature might change gradually everywhere and in any object. There’s a thermal energy flow occurs during that condition. It’s called as transient conduction. You can also call it as non-steady-state conduction.



Facts about Conduction 5: There Relativistic Conduction

It’s the heat conduction that includes the heat signals’ propagation. For example, you can feel the heat pulse at the origin in an instant manner. The propagation speed is even faster than the light speed in the vacuum.

Facts about Conduction 6:  The Quantum Conduction

The heat transfer is also as fast as sound speed. It’s called quantum conduction. It occurs by motion that is similar to sound waves. As a result, it may lead to a quite high thermal conductivity.

Conduction Pic

Conduction Pic

Facts about Conduction 7: The Law of Fourier

There’s a heat conduction law called Fourier’s law. It states that the rate of heat transfer is proportional through a particular material to the (-) gradient within in the temperature. It applies the same to the area as well. Get facts about Compound Machines here.

Facts about Conduction 8: The Differential Form

The law of conduction also has differential form. It shows that the density of local heat flux is the same to the thermal conductivity product. The density of heat flux is the energy amount that pours through a surface per unit time.

Conduction Image

Conduction Image

Facts about Conduction 9: The Objects

Not many objects are conductive. A stick has a lesser conductivity when compared to a metal hanger. Why? It’s because wood is a poor conductor. On the other hand, a metal object is a great conductor. Find facts about Boyle’s Law here.

Facts about Conduction 10: The Transfer

Conduction works basically by shaking the molecule rapidly by using the heat. During this process, the entire molecules pass the heat gradually until they are all heated.

Facts about Conduction

Facts about Conduction

Those Facts about Conduction are new for you, aren’t they?

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