10 Facts about Confederate Flag

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If you are interested to learn more about the official national flags of Confederate states, you need to sneak peak on Facts about Confederate Flag. The Confederacy existed in 1861 until 1865. There were three designs of the National Flag for the confederacy. The usage of Confederacy flag privately and officially has been subject to various controversy post American civil war. Let’s find other interesting facts about Confederate flag below:

Facts about Confederate Flag 1: the flags

The Confederate flags which create controversy include the ones used in universities, colleges, schools, counties, cities, states, individuals, associations and private organizations.

Facts about Confederate Flag 2: state flag of Mississippi

If you want to know the usage of the Confederate army’s battle flag, you can spot it on the state flag of Mississippi. In the upper left corner or in the canton of the flag, it features the battle flag of the Confederate army.

Confederate Flag Facts

Confederate Flag Facts

Facts about Confederate Flag 3: the state flag of Georgia

If you look at the Georgia’s state flag, it will remind you with the “Stars and Bars”. It was the first national flag of the Confederacy. Find facts about Colonial Georgia here.

Facts about Confederate Flag 4: the official Confederacy’s national flag

On 4 March 1861 until 1 May 1863, the Stars and Bars flag was considered as the official national of the Confederacy.

Facts about Confederate Flag

Facts about Confederate Flag

Facts about Confederate Flag 5: who designed it?

Nicola Marschall was a German/Prussian artist who designed the first official national flag of the Confederacy in Marion, Alabama. The design reminds you with the national flags of the Austrian Empire. This man also designed the uniform of the Confederate army.

Facts about Confederate Flag 6: the American civil war

The first official flag of the confederacy or the Stars and Bars created confusion during the American Civil War because it had similarity with the flag of United States.

Confederate Flag

Confederate Flag

Facts about Confederate Flag 7: the new flag

Since most people did not like with the Stars and Bars, they decided to create a new flag, the “Stainless Banner”.

Facts about Confederate Flag 8: the number of stars

The first national flag of the Confederacy had seven stars. The nine stars were spotted on the flag from 21 May 1861 until 2 July 1861. Then it had 11 stars. On 28 November 1861 until 1 May 1863, it had 13 stars.

Confederate Flag Pictures

Confederate Flag Pictures

Facts about Confederate Flag 9: the Stainless Banner

William T. Thompson designed the Stainless Banner. He was a writer and editor for newspaper in Georgia. A Confederate blockade runner, William Ross Postell assisted him.

Facts about Confederate Flag 10: the third flag in Confederacy

The name of the third flag of the Confederacy was “Blood-Stained Banner”. Find facts about Colonial Virginia here.

Confederate Flag Image

Confederate Flag Image

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