10 Facts about Confederate Uniforms

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Looking for Facts about Confederate Uniforms will help you notice more about this kind of uniforms. You can even recognize the history behind the uniforms and take advantage of the information for your purpose. Just read more below to find interesting facts related to confederate uniforms.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 1: The Union’s Uniforms

The Union’s uniforms lines were the source of design for all original Confederate uniforms regardless of the branches. However, the Confederate Council issued the new regulation in 1861 for the horse soldiers, gun men, and artillery.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 2: The Designer

The designer of the new Confederate Uniforms was Nicola Marschall. Nicola was a designer who also designed the original flag of the Confederate. The inspiration came from the uniforms of French armies and Austrians in the 17th century.

Confederate Uniform Pic

Confederate Uniform Pic

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 3: The Buying Policy

All officers had the responsibility to buy their own uniform. Later, there was the General Order 28 released in 1864. Confederate officers were allowed to buy the uniforms at cost price from the same sources as the soldiers.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 4: The Gradual Change

The uniforms changed over time. Once it had the look of the ragged rebel and it became the more alike to Western and Eastern theaters.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms

Facts about Confederate Uniforms

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 5: The Unfortunate Distribution

It’s too bad that there were problems with the many distributions of Confederate Uniforms made in Shreveport and Houston. These were meant for South Western forces.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 6: The Design

The Uniforms were made of wool. However, it wasn’t considered a good idea as wool didn’t match to the warm climates back then in the South. This was also the reason why many Confederate soldiers got many health problems like heat stroke. Check facts about Coat of Arms here.

Facts about Confederate Uniform

Facts about Confederate Uniform

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 7: The Jacket

The jacket of the Confederate soldiers was made of brown or gray fabric. It was single breasted and it had 6-9 buttons. There were some variations, though.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 8: The Collar Emblems

Colonels wore 3 gold stars on their collar as the emblems. The generals wore the same amount of starts but without circles. The lieutenant colonels only had 2 stars and majors wore a single star placed in the midst of the collar.

Confederate Uniforms

Confederate Uniforms

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 9: The Buttons

The buttons also determine the grades. 2 rows of seven buttons were worn by field and company grade officers. Get facts about colonial America here.

Facts about Confederate Uniforms 10: The Kepis

The standard issue of kepis was based on the French pattern. It had a dark blue band, crown, and sides for any generals.

Confederate Uniform

Confederate Uniform

Not all of you know much about Facts about Confederate Uniforms, right?

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