10 Facts about Confederation

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The terms and Facts about Confederation become more interesting to learn. This is why you should know many things about it. What is it? A confederation is a unification of political units for a mutual action. Even though the term is common, there are many other things you must learn.

Facts about Confederation 1: The Committee

The Second Continental Congress fixed a committee on June 11, 1776. The committee was composed of a representation of the each colony. The purpose was to draft a text establishing of the colonies’ confederation.

Facts about Confederation 2: The Debates

There were 3 major points to debate at the congress. The first one is about the taxes apportionment in accordance with the population. The second one is to grant 1 vote for each state. The last one is about the right of the state government to organize West public lands.



Facts about Confederation 3: The Final Form

In debate produced a final form. There were 13 articles comprised. The document actually retained the voting aspect done by the federal government. Still, the taxes were all based upon buildings and land’s value.

Facts about Confederation 4: The Ruling Document

The Confederation Articles has become the chief document in the new government once they were approved by the 13 American states earlier in 1781.

Facts about Confederation

Facts about Confederation

Facts about Confederation 5: The Power Separation

The Confederation promoted the powers separation of the State Constitutions. There were judicial, legislative, and executive powers separated in order to distribute the authority. That was the nice policy to prevent tyranny from happening.

Facts about Confederation 6: The Rights of People

People’s rights were protected by the constitution. That was the first time where people’s rights were fully recognized and protected in a good manner.

Confederation Pic

Confederation Pic

Facts about Confederation 7: The People’s Power

People have the power over the states. That’s why there’s no more British monarchy’s involvement.

Facts about Confederation 8: The Strength of Confederation

It was not possible for Congress to create a powerful government under the Confederation articles. However, there were many significant achievements the government can get. Find facts about British Politics here.

Confederation Image

Confederation Image

Facts about Confederation 9: The Weakness

The Confederation does have a weakness. It was the limited control of the government over its people. The people’s rights become more valuable and important. Get facts about Colin Powell here.

Facts about Confederation 10: The Sole Trigger

The prime cause why the Congress established Confederation Articles were to form a stronger union. It was to defeat the power of Great Britain.

Confederation Facts

Confederation Facts

You indeed can take advantage of Facts about Confederation.

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