10 Facts about Confirmation

Sunday, February 28th 2016. | Religion

You might be confused at the first time when hearing Facts about Confirmation. It’s actually the rite conducted in the church to baptize a person or an infant. It’s also the symbol of affirmation that someone is admitted as the church member.

Facts about Confirmation 1: The Christianity’s Perspective

Confirmation was considered as a rite or sacrament in Christianity. The meaning varies depending on practitioners and beliefs. The rite determines both the commitment and faith of a person.

Facts about Confirmation 2: The Catholic’s Perspective

Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches consider confirmation as ceremony. It’s conducted to dispense refinement. It’s different to Christianity as it doesn’t symbolize anything.

Confirmation Facts

Confirmation Facts

Facts about Confirmation 3: The Biblical Basis

Confirmation is also based on the Biblical basis. Often time, it includes both ritual recitation and prayer. The basis is the Acts 8:14-17 for confirmation.

Facts about Confirmation 4: The Phase of Adulthood

Some people also consider confirmation as a phase of entering adulthood. This may also result in church membership. In order to know the meaning of confirmation, people should study each of church or denomination’s tenets.

Facts about Confirmation

Facts about Confirmation

Facts about Confirmation 5: The Role in Catholicism

In Roman Catholicism, confirmation becomes one of 7 sacraments. It’s required in order to build up one’s faith. It also helps people to get closer to the Lord and increases the spiritual gift effectiveness.

Facts about Confirmation 6: The Chrismation

In Orthodox Church, confirmation is also called Chrismation. It’s one of their important sacraments, after all. There is a belief that the original apostles were established firstly in this rite.



Facts about Confirmation 7: The Profession of Faith

In the Lutheran Church, confirmation isn’t considered as sacrament. It’s measured as faith profession instead. Also, it’s conducted in the church setting. Find facts about Christianity here.

Facts about Confirmation 8: The Lord’s Grace

In Methodist church, confirmation is a rite that recognizes Lord’s grace upon people and His disciplines.

Confirmation Ritual

Confirmation Ritual

Facts about Confirmation 9: The Baptism of Profession Faith

In Baptist Church, confirmation is the rite to get believers’ baptized. It’s based either on a faith profession instead of infant’s baptism. Read facts about Catholic Baptism here.

Facts about Confirmation 10: The Simple Confirmation

In the Anglican Church, confirmation focuses on both Lord’s Supper and baptism. Many churches practice it without the belief that it contributes to one’s redemption.

Confirmation Image

Confirmation Image

Facts about Confirmation are important to learn for sure. Do you like them?

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