10 Facts about Confucius

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Facts about Confucius talk about the famous Chinese writer, educator and philosopher.  Confucianism is his teaching named after him.  His ideologies and ideas of Confucianism are very influential in the world. People believe that Confucius was born in 551 BC in Chinese State of Lu. The ideas of Confucius were beneficial to make a reformation on the Chinese government. There is no need to wonder that it became the official imperial philosophy in China. Get other interesting facts about Confucius to note:

Facts about Confucius 1: titles

Confucius has several titles. He was called Master Kong, Kong Qui or even Kung Ch’iu. At the end of his life, he was known as Modern Teacher for Ten Thousand Ages, The First teacher and Great Sage.

Facts about Confucius 2: the father of Confucius

Let’s find out the father of Confucius. His name was Shuliang He. He was a prominent warlord. Find facts about Confucianism here.

Facts about Confucius

Facts about Confucius

Facts about Confucius 3: a surviving son

Shuliang He was frustrated. He could not have a surviving son even though he had many concubines and a wife. Therefore, he decided to find the second wife.  Before his death, he wished to have a surviving son.

Facts about Confucius 4: Chang-tsai

Chang-tsai was the youngest of the three unmarried daughters of Yen family who was forced to marry Shuliang He.

Confucius Statue

Confucius Statue

Facts about Confucius 5: the rumor

There was a rumor which stated that actually Confucius was the illegitimate son of Shuliang and Chang-tsai because the wedding never took place.

Facts about Confucius 6: the shi class

Confucius was poor even though he was a member of shi class or a knight. He worked as a book keeper, a farmhand or clerk. When he was 19 years old, he married. Find facts about Confucius Accomplishments here.

Confucius Pic

Confucius Pic

Facts about Confucius 7: scholarship

Even though he was poor, he got scholarship. He became an educated man because he had access to the important manuscripts in the libraries. There is no need to wonder that Confucius taught during his life.

Facts about Confucius 8: the Six Arts

Confucianism was centered on the ritual, propriety, loyalty, benevolence, calligraphy, archery, math and music. He called them Six Arts.

Confucius Image

Confucius Image

Facts about Confucius 9: Confucianism

Confucianism is a term used to call the teachings of Confucius. Now it is considered as a spiritual or even religious path.

Facts about Confucius 10: the death of Confucius

In 479 BC, Confucius died. The burial site of Confucius was in Kong Lin Cemetery.



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