10 Facts about Congestion Charge

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016. | Transportation

If you want to know more about the fee charged on the Congestive Charge Zone for the motor vehicles, you have to read Facts about Congestion Charge. The people have to pay the fee if they operate the motor vehicles within CCZ on Mondays to Fridays between 7 am to 6 pm. During the Christmas day and New Year’s Day, public holidays and weekends, there is no charge in CCZ. Get other interesting facts about Congestion Charge below:

Facts about Congestion Charge 1: the introduction of congestion charge

On 17th February 2003, the congestion charge was introduced. The operation of Western Extension was canceled and began to operate in February 2007 and January 2011.

Facts about Congestion Charge 2: the aim of congestion charge

The congestion charge is applied in CCZ because the government wants to reduce the high traffic flow in the central area. Moreover, the government will use the charged fee to increase the transport system in London.

Congestion Charge Image

Congestion Charge Image

Facts about Congestion Charge 3: the standard charge

The non exempt vehicle which travels within CCZ has to pay £11.50 for the standard charge. The ANPR or automatic number plate recognition will be used for the enforcement. The penalty for congestion charge is around £65 and £195. Find facts about bicycle here.

Facts about Congestion Charge 4: TfL

The responsibility of the charge is under the control of TfL or Transport of London. IBM has operated it.

Congestion Charge Pic

Congestion Charge Pic

Facts about Congestion Charge 5: the gross revenue

The gross revenue was around £2.6 billion for the first 10 years after the first introduction of congestion charge.

Facts about Congestion Charge 6: the investment

Around 46 percent of the revenue was invented for improving the bridge and road, public transport, cycling and walking areas.

Congestion Charge London

Congestion Charge London

Facts about Congestion Charge 7: the bus networks

The bust networks are also enhanced after the government invested £960 million for the revenue earned from congestion charge.

Facts about Congestion Charge 8: the traffic volume

The traffic volume in CCZ was reduced around 10 percent after the congestion charge was implemented for 10 years. It was the report from TfL. Check canal facts here.

Facts about Congestion Charge

Facts about Congestion Charge

Facts about Congestion Charge 9: the traffic speed

Over the past decade, the traffic speed in CCZ has been reported slower even though the traffic volume is decreased.

Facts about Congestion Charge 10: the covered congestion charge

The area within London Inner Ring Road is covered inside the congestion charge zone.

Congestion Charge Facts

Congestion Charge Facts

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