10 Facts about Congo Rainforest

Thursday, March 3rd 2016. | Environment

Facts about Congo Rainforest present the interesting information about the rainforest in Congo which spans around the Congo River. Most eastern areas of Congo are filled with tropical rainforest. Do you know that Joseph Conrad creates a book entitled the heart of Darkness? The main topic of the book is about the Congo forest and river. Here are some interesting facts about Congo Rainforest:

Facts about Congo Rainforest 1: the animals in Congo rainforest

Congo rainforest is a home for various kinds of animals. They are subject to extinction because of poaching and hunting.

Facts about Congo Rainforest 2: the plants

More than 70 percent of the plants in Africa are located within the basin of Congo. There are around 1,000 animal species and 600 tree species which live in Congo.

Congo Rainforest Facts

Congo Rainforest Facts

Facts about Congo Rainforest 3: the unique animals

If you want to spot the unique animals, you have to go to the Congo Basin. You can spot two unique species of chimpanzee here. The smaller one is Pan paniscus or bonobo, while the larger one is Pan troglodytes or the common chimpanzee.

Facts about Congo Rainforest 4: the gorilla

When you are in Congo rainforest, you can also spot the presence of gorillas.  You can call them lowland gorillas.

Facts about Congo Rainforest

Facts about Congo Rainforest

Facts about Congo Rainforest 5: the animal in the river

One of the unique animals that you can view in the river of Congo is the hippopotamus. Other interesting animals in Congo rainforest are the okapi, African forest elephants, dryas monkey, Allen’s swamp monkey, Congo peafola, and aqutic genet.

Facts about Congo Rainforest 6: the okapi

Have you ever heard about the okapi? This animal is very unique since it reminds you with the look of Zebra. However, okapi is more related to giraffe.

Congo Rainforest

Congo Rainforest

Facts about Congo Rainforest 7: the total area

The total area of Congo rainforest covers 1.5 million square miles. The location is in central Africa. Based on its size, it takes the second largest rainforest in the world. The first one is taken by Amazon rainforest. Find facts about Brazil rainforest here.

Facts about Congo Rainforest 8: the location of the Congo rainforest

Congo rainforest is mostly situated in DRC or Democratic Republic of Congo. But it also spreads to Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Central African Republic.

Congo Rainforest Pic

Congo Rainforest Pic

Facts about Congo Rainforest 9: the people who live in Congo rainforest

The Pygmies are considered as the most notable people who live in Congo rainforest. Get facts about cattle ranching deforestation here.

Facts about Congo Rainforest 10: the rainfalls

It has the average rainfalls at 147 cm or 59 inches per year.

Congo Rainforest Image

Congo Rainforest Image

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