10 Facts about Congress

Thursday, March 3rd 2016. | Politics

Facts about Congress tell you about the congress in United States. There are two houses in US congress. Both are the Senate and House of Representative because the federal government has the bicameral legislature. The direct election is applied to vote for the senators and representatives.  The Capitol located in Washington D.C. is the place where the congress will meet. The gubernatorial appointment can be applied if there is vacancy in the Senate. Here are some interesting facts about congress that you can learn:

Facts about Congress 1: the parties

There are two major parties in United States. Both are the Democratic Party and Republican Party. The members of the congress usually join one of both parties. It is very rare to spot the member as independents or come from the third party.

Facts about Congress 2: the voting members

There are 535 voting members who consist of 100 senators and 435 representatives.

Facts about Congress

Facts about Congress

Facts about Congress 3: the members of the House of Representatives

The district is represented by the members of House of Representatives. They serve for two years.

Facts about Congress 4: the state

Each state in United States will at least have a congressional representative.



Facts about Congress 5: the senators

Do you know the number of senators that each state has? There are two senators for each state.

Facts about Congress 6: the number of senators today

There are 50 states in United States. Therefore, there are 100 senators currently. Check American government facts here.

Congress US

Congress US

Facts about Congress 7: the first and second continental congress

The gathering of representatives from 12 of 13 British colonies was considered as the first continental congress. The Declaration of Independence was adopted in the Second Continental Congress on 4th July 1776.  The second congress is very important since the new nation is called United States of America.

Facts about Congress 8: the separation of power

The separation of power is conducted by having judicial, legislative and executive power.  There will be no abuse of power if each branch can check other branches.

Congress Meeting

Congress Meeting

Facts about Congress 9: the primary congressional era in United States

There are four primary congressional eras based on the point of view of Julian E. Zelizer. Those are the formative era, partisan era, committee era and contemporary era. Get facts about American history here.

Facts about Congress 10: the legislative branch

The word congress is often used to call the legislative branch of United States. The main job of legislative branch is to declare war, control finance and create laws.

Congress History

Congress History

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