10 Facts about Coniferous Trees

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One of the unique plants in the world is clarified on Facts about Coniferous Trees. The size of the tree is around 1 to 100 meters. Sequoia sempervirens or Coast Redwood is considered as the tallest conifer tree. It has the height at 115.55 meters.  Montezuma Cypress or Taxodium mucronatum is considered as the conifer tree with the thickest and greatest trunk diameter. The diameter reaches 11.42 meters. Get other facts about coniferous tree below:

Facts about Coniferous Trees 1: the pygmy pine

The biological name for pygmy pine is Lepidothamnus laxifolius. It is considered as the conifer tree. It comes from New Zealand. When this pine is mature, it rarely reaches higher than 30 cm.

Facts about Coniferous Trees 2: the oldest conifer tree

Pinus longaeva or Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is the oldest coniferous tree. The age of this tree is 4,700 years old.

Coniferous Tree Image

Coniferous Tree Image

Facts about Coniferous Trees 3: the conflicting sources related to the largest coniferous tree

There is a report which states that actually the largest coniferous tree is Sequoiadendron giganteum or a giant sequoia. It has the volume at 1486.9 cubic meters. Another report states that Thimmamma Marrimanu is the largest one.

Facts about Coniferous Trees 4: Araucariaceae

Araucariaceae is a type of coniferous tree. It has the leaves which remind you with shape of Awl.

Facts about Coniferous Tree

Facts about Coniferous Tree

Facts about Coniferous Trees 5: Pinaceae

Coniferous tree is characterized with vegetative buds and needle like leaves.

Facts about Coniferous Trees 6: the evergreen tree

Most coniferous trees have the needle like, thin and long leaves. There is no need that coniferous tree is included as an evergreen plant. But you can find the triangular and flat scale leaves of coniferous tree on the Podocarpaceae and Cupressaceae.

Coniferous Trees

Coniferous Trees

Facts about Coniferous Trees 7: the color of the leaves

The leaf color of coniferous tree usually is dark green for it helps the tree to absorb the limited sunlight. The tree located in high altitude has dark green leaves.

Facts about Coniferous Trees 8: the coniferous tree in hotter areas

The coniferous trees which live in the hot areas usually have the yellow to green colored leaves. Check celery facts here.

Coniferous Tree Pictures

Coniferous Tree Pictures

Facts about Coniferous Trees 9: the ornamental purposes

There are some coniferous trees which have ornamental purposes such as Lawson’s cypress, pine, spruce, cypress, Thuja, yew and many more.

Facts about Coniferous Trees 10: gardens and parks

There are various gardens and parks in the world which grow coniferous trees with unique colors and sizes. Get facts about cherry blossom here.

Facts about Coniferous Trees

Facts about Coniferous Trees

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