10 Facts about Conifers

Thursday, March 3rd 2016. | Plants

If you want to know the plants included in the division of Pinophyta, you can check Facts about Conifers. The plants are characterized with their vascular tissue and cone bearing seed plants. If you check the existing conifers today, most of them are the woody plants. Most of them are trees. But you can also spot comes conifers as shrubs. Here are some interesting facts about conifers to note:

Facts about Conifers 1: the examples of conifers

Can you mention some examples of conifers? They include kauri, junipers, firs, cypresses, Douglas firs, cedars, hemlocks, pines, yews, spruces, redwoods and larches.

Facts about Conifers 2: the division

There are 629 living species, 68 genera and 8 families located in the division of Pinophyta as of 1998.

Conifers Pic

Conifers Pic

Facts about Conifers 3: the importance of conifers

Conifer is very important to maintain the ecology of earth even though the number of living species of conifers is very small.

Facts about Conifers 4: the dominant plants

Conifers are considered as the dominant plants in the boreal forests located in northern hemisphere. It covers big areas of land in the world. You can also spot the presence of conifers in the mountains located at the south.



Facts about Conifers 5: the adaptation

The conifers which live in the boreal areas have great winter adaptation.  It is easy for conifers to shed snow because of the downward drooping limbs and narrow conical shape.

Facts about Conifers 6: the freezing

The conifers will not freeze even though the snow is falling heavily because the conifers can change their biochemistry.



Facts about Conifers 7: the conifer forests

The conifers forests are as important as the tropical rainforests. It has softwood which can be used for paper and timber production. Moreover, the forest is used to represent the terrestrial carbon sink. Get facts about bonsai trees here.

Facts about Conifers 8: the word conifer

The word conifer is derived from Latin. It is a combination of conus and ferre. The first word means cone, while the latter one means to bear.

Facts about Conifers

Facts about Conifers

Facts about Conifers 9: the protection

The trees of conifers can protect themselves from the fungal infection and insect infestation for it can secrete special resin. Find facts about cacao trees here.

Facts about Conifers 10: the size

On average conifer has the size from 1 meter to 100 meter. The Coast Redwood or Sequoia sempervirens is considered as the tallest conifer for it has the height at 115.55 meters.

Coniferous Trees

Coniferous Trees

Do you have any opinion on facts about conifers?

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