10 Facts about Conjoined Twins

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Facts about Conjoined Twins will help you to understand the identical twins which join in the utero. This condition is considered as a very rare case. The rate for occurrence of conjoined twin is around 1 in 49,000 birth to 1 in 189,000 births. The common case of conjoined twin is spotted in Brazil, Africa and South East Asia. Get other useful facts about conjoined twin below:

Facts about Conjoined Twins 1: the death rate

The stillborn ones occupy around half of the cases. One third of them pass away in 24 hours. The ratio of the live births of conjoined twin is 3:1 for female to male. The male conjoined twins are mostly stillborn.

Facts about Conjoined Twins 2: the origin of conjoined twins

If we talk about the origin of conjoined twins, there are two contradictory theories. The theory of fission is the most accepted one which explains about the origin of this condition. It states that conjoined twin occurs because of the partial split on the fertilized egg.

Conjoined Twins Pic

Conjoined Twins Pic

Facts about Conjoined Twins 3: the fusion

Another theory which is less accepted now is related to the theory of fusion. It states that this condition occurs because the stem cells look for other stem cells of another twin and fuse together even though the separation of fertilized eggs occurs completely.

Facts about Conjoined Twins 4: sharing

In most cases, the conjoined twins have to share the amniotic sac, placenta and chorion.

Conjoined Twins facts

Conjoined Twins facts

Facts about Conjoined Twins 5: the notable conjoined twins

Chang and Eng Bunker were the notable conjoined twins in the world. Both of them were born in Siam. It is the present day Thailand. Both lived in 1811 until 1874.

Facts about Conjoined Twins 6: the Siamese Twins

Chang and Eng Bunker were famous. They were called as the Siamese twins when they joined P.T. Barnum’s circus.

Conjoined Twins Pictures

Conjoined Twins Pictures

Facts about Conjoined Twins 7: the condition of Chang and Eng Bunker

Chang and Eng Bunker had their livers fused at the torso. They also had joined cartilage. If both lived in the modern era, it would be very easy for the physicians to separate the body. Get facts about childbirth here.

Facts about Conjoined Twins 8: the most common types of conjoined twins

The types of conjoined twins are seen based on the joined body. When the fusion occurs from the upper chest to the lower chest, it is called Thoraco-omphalopagus. The twins usually have to share liver, heart and some digestive organs.

Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins

Facts about Conjoined Twins 9: other common types

Other common types of conjoined twins include parasitic twins, Thoracopagus, Craniopagus and Omphalopagus. Get facts about color blindness here.

Facts about Conjoined Twins 10: the less common conjoined twins

Xiphopagus, Cephalopagus and Cephalothoracopagus are considered as the less common types of conjoined twins.

Facts about Conjoined Twins

Facts about Conjoined Twins

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