10 Facts about Conker Trees

Saturday, March 5th 2016. | Plants

Facts about Conker Trees will show you the information about the large deciduous tree. It has the biological name Aesculus hippocastanum. People often call it horse chestnut tree. On average, Conker tree can grow at 118 feet or 36 m. The leaves consist of five to seven leaflets. The length of the leaflet is around 13 to 30 cm. Here are other facts that you can learn about conker trees:

Facts about Conker Trees 1: the horse chestnut tree

You can find a unique horseshoe shape on the twigs after the leaves are fallen.

Facts about Conker Trees 2: the flowers

Conker trees have the white flowers with red spot. During the spring season, the flowers will be produced. Each panicle consists of 20 to 50 flowers.

Conker Tree Pictures

Conker Tree Pictures

Facts about Conker Trees 3: the fruit

The conker trees also produce fruits. Each panicle usually has around 1 to five fruit. Inside the spiky capsule, you can find one horse chestnut or conker. In rare case, it may contain two or three nuts like seeds.

Facts about Conker Trees 4: the conker

The word conker is used to call the nut like seed. The diameter of the conker is around two till four cm.

Conker Tree Pic

Conker Tree Pic

Facts about Conker Trees 5: the common name

The common name of this conker tree is horse chestnut.  The people mistakenly believe that conker is a kind of chestnut. Moreover, they also believe that the horses with chest problem can be cured by eating the fruit.

Facts about Conker Trees 6: the temperate areas

It is easy to spot the conker trees in the temperate regions. They are often cultivated along the parks and streets.

Facts about Conker Trees

Facts about Conker Trees

Facts about Conker Trees 7: where to find the conker trees

You can find conker trees in the avenues, parks, and streets in New Zealand and United Kingdom. Find facts about cactus here.

Facts about Conker Trees 8: the other places with conker trees

Conker trees can be found in Harstad, Norway, Reykjavík, Iceland, Alberta, Canada and Faroe Islands. They give us great shade to avoid the harsh sunlight.

Conker Trees Image

Conker Trees Image

Facts about Conker Trees 9: the usage of conker

The seeds in the conker trees are often used by the kids to play the game conkers in Ireland and Britain. Get facts about coniferous trees here.

Facts about Conker Trees 10: poisonous seeds

You have to be careful with the seeds. The fresh and young seeds are toxic if you eat the seeds. They have glucosides and alkaloid saponins. When the horses eat the seeds, they will experience lack of coordination and tremors.

Conker Tree

Conker Tree

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