10 Facts about Connecticut Colony

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Facts about Connecticut Colony will help you to understand a part of United States history. Thomas Hooker and others established Connecticut Colony at Hartford in 1636.  Hartford is considered as the major city. Agriculture was considered as the major industry in Connecticut Colony.  It produced fishing, corn and wheat. Here are some interesting facts about Connecticut Colony to notice:

Facts about Connecticut Colony 1: the climate

Can you explain the climate in Connecticut Colony? It was colder if you compare it with other colonies. It had the mild and short summer. The winter season was colder and longer. However, it had less disease.

Facts about Connecticut Colony 2: geography

Connecticut colony was filled with hilly eastern uplands and narrow lowlands.  The rocky soil in Connecticut colony made the people face the hardship to grow crops.  However, the mountains were filled with lush trees.

Connecticut Colony Facts

Connecticut Colony Facts

Facts about Connecticut Colony 3: the religions

The Puritans dominated Connecticut colony. Therefore, there was no religion freedom in this colony.

Facts about Connecticut Colony 4: the economy

The economy of the people was based on the export of rum, ship building, and other manufacturing projects.

Connecticut Colony Image

Connecticut Colony Image

Facts about Connecticut Colony 5: the natural resources

The forest, whales and fish were some natural resources in Connecticut colony. The people could not do farming because the soil was infertile. They had to import the agricultural products from other colonies. Even though the people could not grow wheat, they could plant squash, rye, pumpkins, corn and beans here.

Facts about Connecticut Colony 6: the government

The status of Connecticut colony was as a Charter colony in 1775.  The colony was named Connecticut colony. Later, it is called Connecticut.

Facts about Connecticut Colony

Facts about Connecticut Colony

Facts about Connecticut Colony 7: the industries

One of the valuable sources in the Connecticut Colony was the whale oil.  The people use this oil for their lamps. The other industries in the colony were livestock products, whiskey, beer, rum, horses, maple syrups, furs and timber products.

Facts about Connecticut Colony 8: the original colonies

Connecticut Colony was one of the original 13 colonies in America. It was the fifth colony. Check facts about Colonial slavery here.

Connecticut Colony

Connecticut Colony

Facts about Connecticut Colony 9: Connecticut as a state

On 9 January 1788, Connecticut became one of states in U.S. It is considered as one of the major states in United States. The capital city is Hartford.

Facts about Connecticut Colony 10: the history The Pequots

One of the important events regarding the Connecticut colony was the Pequot war which occurred in 1637. The colonists defeated the Pequot under the leadership of John Underhill and John Mason. Find facts about colonial Virginia here.

Connecticut Colony Map

Connecticut Colony Map

Are you impressed after reading facts about Connecticut Colony?

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