10 Facts about Connor Franta

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Here are some interesting Facts about Connor Franta. He was born on 12th September 1992. His full name is Connor Joel Franta. He is famous as an American Youtuber, writer and entrepreneur.  He has around five million subscribers in his main channel in Youtube as of November 2015. In the past, he was a member of Our2ndLife or O2L.  This YouTube group was under the Fullscreen Network. Now Andrew Graham managed him as an independent of Big Frame network.

Facts about Connor Franta 1: an American entrepreneur

Franta is an American entrepreneur after he decides to be involved in numerous entrepreneur enterprises like coffee and lifestyle called Common Culture, a clothing line and music curation.

Facts about Connor Franta 2: A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress is the title of his memoir book.  On 21 April 2015, this debut book was released in the market.

Connor Franta Facts

Connor Franta Facts

Facts about Connor Franta 3: a record label

There was an announcement from Franta about his co-founded record label called Heard Well in July 2015.

Facts about Connor Franta 4: parents

Franta is a son of Peter and Cheryl Franta. He was born in Wisconsin.  His father is a physician, while his mother is a homemaker. The family relocated to La Crescent, Minnesota shortly after Franta was born. He had one sister and two brothers.

Facts about Connor Franta

Facts about Connor Franta

Facts about Connor Franta 5: the education

Franta was educated in St. Peter’s Catholic School in Hokah Minnesota. He studied in the school until his 8th grade.

Facts about Connor Franta 6: a swimming team

Franta took part in the YMCA swimming team after he was overweight as a child. During his education in Le Crescent High School, he followed a cross country running. In 2011, he graduated from the school. Find facts about Chris Rock here.

Connor Franta

Connor Franta

Facts about Connor Franta 7: the college time

Franta went to Saint John’s University, Collegeville in Minnesota where he took business as his major. He also took art minor in the second year. He wanted to focus on the movies.

Facts about Connor Franta 8: as gay

Franta stated that he was a gay on 8th December 2014 in a Youtube video. He asked advices from the people in the internet who also faced the similar sexual condition.

Connor Franta Style

Connor Franta Style

Facts about Connor Franta 9: Coming Out

Coming Out is the title of his YouTube video which shows his confession about his sexual orientation. He has more than 890 thousand likes. The video has been viewed 10 million times. Get facts about Clint Eastwood here.

Facts about Connor Franta 10: the celebration of his birthday

In 2014, he had his 22th birthday celebrated by launching The Third Project. It was a fundraising campaign to build waterfalls for the Swaziland people.

Connor Franta Image

Connor Franta Image

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