10 Facts about Conor Maynard

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Facts about Conor Maynard elaborate the detail information about the child actor and singer songwriter from England. He was born on 21st November 1992 in Brighton, England with the full name Conor Paul Maynard. In 2012, he rose to fame. He took the title as the MTV’s Brand New in 2012. On 16th April 2012, “Can’t Say No” was his debut single released in United Kingdom. Get other facts about Conor Maynard:

Facts about Conor Maynard 1: the parents

His father is Gary Maynard who works as a builder. His mother is Helen Maynard. She is an office worker. Maynard was educated in Hove at Cardinal Newman Catholic School.

Facts about Conor Maynard 2: the first video

The first video of Maynard was “Breathe”. It was uploaded in YouTube after he agreed to join the online video sharing website YouTube on May 19, 2006.

Conor Maynard Facts

Conor Maynard Facts

Facts about Conor Maynard 3: an acting career

Maynard took part in the TV series with the title Dream Team in 2006. It was aired in Sky 1 Television. He had a role as a young Casper Rose.

Facts about Conor Maynard 4: the cover versions

There are several cover versions that Maynard created along with Anthony Melo. He was Maynard’s close friend and a rapper. The songs that both covered in 2009 were Rihanna (“Only Girl (In the World)”) and Taio Cruz (“Dynamite”).

Conor Maynard Image

Conor Maynard Image

Facts about Conor Maynard 5: Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo is one of the famous American singers and songwriters. After he saw the cover version of “Beautiful Monster” by Maynard, Ne-Yo was interested with him. Then he became the mentor of Maynard after he was in contact with him.

Facts about Conor Maynard 6: signing

EMI/Parlophone and Turn First management signed Maynard as their singer. The development of the artist was the responsibility of Turn First.

Conor Maynard Pic

Conor Maynard Pic

Facts about Conor Maynard 7: MTV’s Brand New

Maynard was nominated in 2012 MTV’s Brand New. The nomination was announced in November 2011.  His competitors were Lana Del Rey, Lianne La Havas, Michael Kiwanuka and Delilah. Find facts about Cameron Boyce here.

Facts about Conor Maynard 8: the winner

He was the winner of MTV’s Brand New 2012 after it was announced on January 31st, 2012.  He won due to 48 percent of public vote.

Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard

Facts about Conor Maynard 9: the reception of the first single

“Can’t Say No” was the first singe of Maynard and it received positive renew after its release on March 1st, 2012. Get facts about celebrities here.

Facts about Conor Maynard 10: comparison

Some people try to compare Maynard with Justin Bieber for both earned fame from Youtube at young age.

Facts about Conor Maynard

Facts about Conor Maynard

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